Intentions, yo!

Hey ya’ll!  It’s that time of year again.

2016 can suck it, amirite?

While I did get to do a lot of cool things, one thing that did not happen was finding time in 2016 for all my intentions, I am keeping it simple:

2017 is all about ME.

I can already hear you saying “she will never do it” or “there aren’t enough hours in the day” but I am serious.  I put off things too long so the next year will be about getting me, my life, my work, my health and my mind on track for how I want to spend the next 20 years.

Really, isn’t that how we should push our focus?  

Long range planning?  Self-care?  Preparing for where we want to see ourselves?  Why are women so TERRIBLE at moving out of the caregiving role and putting focus where we need to?  Honestly, if you aren’t at 100% there is no way you are a benefit to others.

So opt out.

It’s okay to say no.  It’s okay to do something or go somewhere by yourself.  It’s okay to eat something you want without having to ask permission or share or care what anyone thinks.

You are the boss of you.


Of course, I have had to stop six times while writing this to chase the new puppy who is currently throwing his head back barking at the neighbor he’s never seen because he thinks he is an intruder.  (Funny but also a little embarrassing.)

But I am going to keep at it, keep writing, even when picking up chew toys and stepping in cat puke and…

What was I saying?  HAHAHAHAHA!


Meet ‘strami:


I Am Out of Hibernation.

I love this LIVING room!


Do you know that feeling; when you have not been to the gym in a year, and decide to go back? You hop on an elliptical, set it to its maximum uphill climb level, start pedaling at 3.2 mph, then after 4 and a half minutes, get dizzy and vomit? So embarrassed, you pack up your new water bottle and speed walk your ass 3.2 mph right out the front door.

That is how I feel now with this post.

I have been absent like a muther. Conquering this little design world, totally ignoring this part of my business. I have been busy. So busy, that I have let my passion become another thing on the to-do list.

Since I have last posted I have moved into an office, become a national spokesperson, done countless interviews, and have designed the shit out of some amazing spaces in the Chicago area…

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Farewell to Robin Williams…

Well said…

Dante Basco: My take on life...

Today Robin Williams past away and it’s been so surreal, it felt like it came out of nowhere… A text message from a friend made me aware of the news and frantically I jumped online to see if it was true. Sadly, I found out it was and even more sad, I read of the circumstances. I couldn’t keep reading the stories online for it’s too sad.

At times like this, I get very reflective and being a writer, I guess it’s best to write and what better place but my blog. It’s surreal because I haven’t seen Robin for many years yet in he’s so connected to me due to his close involvement in the biggest role of my career in “Hook” where he played Peter Pan and I played the punk kid who took over as leader of the Lost Boys when he left Neverland… Rufio.

Although working…

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Three Muses Wonder Woman Costume in Good Housekeeping Magazine

Yeah for Candy & Three Muses!

I need one of these costumes for Christmas..:)

A Mused Life

It’s always exciting when a magazine contacts me to borrow a costume, but it almost always involves some crazy rush. Good Housekeeping Magazine was no exception- they needed a Wonder Woman costume to shoot asap so I had to scramble to get it ready and overnighted in less than two days. It was during One Spark so I was out of the store for five days and working the festival morning till late night. I was in luck though- my grandmother had already sewn some extra bottoms ahead of time and I always have extra accessories ready, so all I needed to do was get the corset ready.

The corset is the piece that takes the longest!  First the design is drawn on with chalk and then the outline done in gold dimensional paint. I don’t use any patterns and draw every corset freehand. The outline takes 24 hours to…

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Web Round Up

loki laundry


There is entirely too much going on and I have not had enough time to put any blog up as I intended.  I was sidetracked on Easter by a big Twitter jerk from doing the “what the hell is wrong with people” blog so that didn’t happen.  I might get back to that as soon as I get past spring which seems to be the time of year that is the busiest.

Or I won’t.

Maybe.  Maybe not.

I honestly have had very little time since moving across the country WHILE finishing graduate school to do much of anything because awesome stuff keeps happening.  I was lucky enough to get invited to Alaska and then before I knew it, I was off to do other things in other places.  It hasn’t stopped.  It would be maddening if it weren’t preferable to doing nothing.

I finished a book.

Truthfully I always do that, and if you are here even semi-regularly you know that about me.  I am a really big advocate for NaNoWriMo and I participate every year since 2008-ish even if I don’t finish.  I have finished a total of two novels in the process and one novella and as much as it stresses other people out, the type of writing it requires seems to suit me.  Very well.  So this year, I am taking it up a notch.

Enter stage right.

I decided partially through November’s effort last year that this one would go a step further.  Post-editing and query letter phase, I am going to turn this story into a screenplay.  It’s not that I haven’t thought of doing that before but there was something about this particular story that made me think I need to try that.  It is different from what I have done before and likely it is different from what I will do in the future and there is something to be said for that.  I am freaking out a little but trying to make sure that I am learning the CORRECT way to screenplay the shit out of a story in hopes that it leads to another awesome adventure.

Ridiculous and Awesome.

Its been an insanely long time since I have done a web round up so while I am taking a break, I figured this was as good a time as any to do one because I like talking about random stuff.  So here we go:

Nerd Freakout – I completely lost my mind when I saw this.  I mean “lost my mind” in a good way here.  I am a huge Wonder Woman fan and any time something comes up that adds to that universe in general, it makes me happy for DAYS.  This announcement sent me to YouTube where I watched Shazam, Isis and Wonder Woman videos all morning.  Yes, I am busy, but this is RESEARCH. It is research for something right?  Whatever.

Hogwarts Online – Equally had a freakout over this.  (Yes, I do that a lot.)  This wasn’t a “lost my mind” one as much as text everyone I know that would care about it, sign up for a log in and seriously debate the reason I need to take charms and potions.  I mean, I haven’t DONE anything with it but its totally okay for adult to do that for RESEARCH.

Rorzen – This made me laugh a lot and then made me kinda sad.  I am a Doctor Who nerd from way back.  I mean WAY back.  Further than David Tennant.  Further than McCoy.  Okay, move on.  It has to be hard for these guys to end up in something amazing but never being able to shake it off.  I wish fans were better about articulating stuff like that to people they look up to.  I think sometimes they are making them feel awful, not flattered.

Villain Awesomeness – I literally have no idea who I would put on a fictional preferred list for this role.  I have a strong suspicion whomever it is will not necessarily seem like who you would expect.

I was going to mention some of the jerks that have done crappy things the past week or so but screw them.  I am not about to give their negative crap.  If there is negativity to dish out it will be all mine.

More to come.

So new town, new adventures, busy, busy, busy, geek out, busy, busy…you get the picture.  I am looking forward to some interesting things coming up and for sure, you will hear it from me first.  🙂

Peace and Chicken Grease!





Please talk to your children. *mild trigger warning*

Well said and please, talk to your children. This stuff has gotten out of hand.

The Bloggess

Yesterday Hailey came home terrified because of a letter sent home to all the kids in her elementary school.  It was meant for the parents but of course the kids on the bus read it and talked about it and made it more so much scarier, as children do.  And it is scary.

According to what I’ve read, an unnamed elementary school in our district has been threatened with mass violence by anonymous emails from someone who identified themselves as a serial killer.  It’s most likely a hoax (as most of these things are) and the fact that the emailer claims that it will happen on Thursday might indicate that it’s a student wanting area schools to close so they can have a four-day-weekend.  (Fiesta Friday is a traditional school holiday in our area.)

Still, it’s unsettling.  A few weeks ago I had to pick up Hailey at school because she got sick right after a…

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Data researcher Jean-Baptiste Michel made his first piece of art … and the Whitney Museum acquired it

TED Blog

JBM-1 Jean-Baptiste Michel’s “I wish I could be exactly what you’re looking for” (2014). The words that appear in it are tweets that start with “I wish.” Photo: Courtesy of Jean-Baptiste Michel

Jean-Baptiste Michel has sold a small sculpture to the Whitney Museum of American Art. A major museum acquiring a piece—that’s a big moment for any artist. But this sculpture is the very first piece of art Michel ever created.

[ted_talkteaser id=1227]Michel is the data researcher who showed what you can learn using Google’s Ngram Viewer at TEDxBoston in 2011, and who calculated the mathematics of history at TED2012. He credits one thing with inspiring him to take his love of data and turn it into art: joining the TED Fellows program.

“I’m not an artist. I never thought that I could do anything in that area,” says Michel, in the Brooklyn office space he shares with several other TED Fellows. “I really consider…

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New Intentions for 2014

I have done a lot of these posts since I started blogging again in 2008.  Here is the short version:  It is about a phrase really that signifies you readjusting your expectations and going over failed resolutions. I always set intentions, rather than resolutions, because if you don’t intend to actually do it, what’s the point.

I looked back at my lists and it always make me happy because unlike everyone that fails at their resolutions by mid-March, each year there are things that I have done that not only contribute to my life and those around me but make me feel like I am accomplishing something.  In the big picture, life should be about those experiences, right?

When I looked back at previous lists, this is what I have found I actually have done since 2008:

 Learned to make pasta from scratch

Furthered my study of meditation

Completed my second NANOWRIMO

Saw Mt. Rushmore

Completed an improv class

Started a running program

Visited Alaska

Run a half marathon 
(well I have found the one I am registering for for 2015 cause they insanely sell out a year in advance)

Cooked more for my family

Found more time to write

Finishing my Masters Degree

That a pretty awesome list of accomplishments, right?  For some reason, these are still eluding me:

 Riding all the coasters at Six Flags in Arlington

Jumping out of an airplane

Learning to sew

Learning to knit

Visiting Machu Picchu

Learning French

Take dancing lessons

The great thing with the ones I still have on my list is that I actually have plan already to work on many of them!  I am still thinking about what I want to add to the list this time.  I wanted to convert an antique armoire to a bar but I am working on that now and I think it will be done BEFORE New Years so that doesn’t work for a new addition.  Get Michael Bolton to answer a tweet?  DONE.  So, while I am doing some head scratching for new things to put on my list, I would love to hear from you guys.  What are your intentions for 2014?