Ch-ch-ch-check it out!

My love for this can not be described but the shear number of stars in this video make me believe wholeheartedly in how awesome everyone thinks these guys are.  I have missed them so!  ENJOY!

Good Hair Perry

My disdain for Repub Governors goes way back.  This year, between failing to coming up with a solution to our education issues to now misusing his position to push a religious solution for wildfires burning out of control not far from me, I can say that I continue to be furious that we can not get…

 I love this man.  That is all.

eat local: CSA week 2

 nom nom nom  On my second week of CSA, the farmer brought to me: U choy, Bok Choy, Pok Choy, Pole Beans, Parsley, Red onions, Tomatoes, Red Leaf Lettuce, Fingerling Potatoes, Squash, my Egg Share and I bought a Cantaloupe It’s been a weird week. Because of the storms, they have had issues…

Guest Post: The Disaster

     This is a first for me so a big HUZZAH for the first guest post here.  The author is quite serious about this “using the imagination” thingy and since this blog was started because of her, I feel an obligation to provide her a format whenever it tickles her fancy.  I was quite surprised…

Good Morning

In greeting the sun, I find my day begun, It’s just as well. Resolute in my plan, Where previously I ran, It’s just as well. Do what I must, My decisions I trust, It’s just as well. I know that I am okay, My vision no longer gray, It’s just as well. 

eat local: CSA and Cooking

This week was our first pick up from our CSA share. I wasn’t sure what to expect or how we would like it but overall I am mucho impressed. Aside from being a foodie and loving to cook with fresh stuff, I found the quality far better than the organic I buy in the store….

The Soundtrack of My Life…So Far

         It’s no secret that we are music people. Aside from all three monkeys playing instruments, Little Man and Little Monkey both are performers. I hope that in some measure, it is because music has always been a requirement in my house, whether in the car driving to the store or at home in full…

Dark Matter

For you, I have this dark and grimy thing to reveal. It floats and consumes me, so quietly that I put my hands to ears to muffle the unbearable.  This place that hides the pain of my life so quietly I have put this away. This place that bears the brunt of my screams. This…