Everybody Grieves Differently

This month has been weird. My favorite and last surviving grandparent passed away. What typically is a normal part of life felt much different this time to me.   I spent most of my time with my grandmother when I was young. Her house was more like my home no matter where I actually lived….

Good Morning

In greeting the sun, I find my day begun, It’s just as well. Resolute in my plan, Where previously I ran, It’s just as well. Do what I must, My decisions I trust, It’s just as well. I know that I am okay, My vision no longer gray, It’s just as well. 

Dark Matter

For you, I have this dark and grimy thing to reveal. It floats and consumes me, so quietly that I put my hands to ears to muffle the unbearable.  This place that hides the pain of my life so quietly I have put this away. This place that bears the brunt of my screams. This…


Today I exhaleI have no more worriesbecause my path is clear Today I exhalemy mind turns from restless wanderto one of focused calm Today I exhaleand breathe deep the wind the light, the rain Today I exhalemarrying my purposewith my joy that fills my heart Today I exhaleresolute in my pathand viewing happiness as a…

Pray for the Lost

today a prayer for family, friends and strangers be with them whether they notice comfort them whether they need it angels, sinners and soldiers doing the things they believe they must without help, hope, love happy, sad and angry show them the light of honesty the warmth in happiness save, believe, dream bring them inspiration…

Good Stuff

I don’t know if anyone else is ridiculously hooked on Persons Unknown but I just can’t stop watching it and wondering how it will end.  Hands down its the best depiction of true psychological warfare I have ever seen.  When cast members incorporated lines from one of my favorite poets, I thought I would post…


Recently we finally had the opportunity to see the film Invictus. Though I knew it would be moving, it reminded me how much I loved the poem. The last two lines are written on the chalkboard I have where inspiration strikes often. Here I write my favorite quotes and remind myself daily that I can…

Joyful Heart

The breeze flits by as you speakDew drops from your lips as you exhaleEvery thing you say fills me with joyA life I never expectedTreading water so delicatelyAs to not cause a rippleSunshine on my heartLaughter in my soulThank you for bringing me home


it is indeed this thing i see making life so glorious rarely did this breeze blow by and now my days are a dream it is indeed this thing i see keeping my heart safe and whole that you have done within your hands and your gentle smile