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There is entirely too much going on and I have not had enough time to put any blog up as I intended.  I was sidetracked on Easter by a big Twitter jerk from doing the “what the hell is wrong with people” blog so that didn’t happen.  I might get back to that as soon as I get past spring which seems to be the time of year that is the busiest.

Or I won’t.

Maybe.  Maybe not.

I honestly have had very little time since moving across the country WHILE finishing graduate school to do much of anything because awesome stuff keeps happening.  I was lucky enough to get invited to Alaska and then before I knew it, I was off to do other things in other places.  It hasn’t stopped.  It would be maddening if it weren’t preferable to doing nothing.

I finished a book.

Truthfully I always do that, and if you are here even semi-regularly you know that about me.  I am a really big advocate for NaNoWriMo and I participate every year since 2008-ish even if I don’t finish.  I have finished a total of two novels in the process and one novella and as much as it stresses other people out, the type of writing it requires seems to suit me.  Very well.  So this year, I am taking it up a notch.

Enter stage right.

I decided partially through November’s effort last year that this one would go a step further.  Post-editing and query letter phase, I am going to turn this story into a screenplay.  It’s not that I haven’t thought of doing that before but there was something about this particular story that made me think I need to try that.  It is different from what I have done before and likely it is different from what I will do in the future and there is something to be said for that.  I am freaking out a little but trying to make sure that I am learning the CORRECT way to screenplay the shit out of a story in hopes that it leads to another awesome adventure.

Ridiculous and Awesome.

Its been an insanely long time since I have done a web round up so while I am taking a break, I figured this was as good a time as any to do one because I like talking about random stuff.  So here we go:

Nerd Freakout – I completely lost my mind when I saw this.  I mean “lost my mind” in a good way here.  I am a huge Wonder Woman fan and any time something comes up that adds to that universe in general, it makes me happy for DAYS.  This announcement sent me to YouTube where I watched Shazam, Isis and Wonder Woman videos all morning.  Yes, I am busy, but this is RESEARCH. It is research for something right?  Whatever.

Hogwarts Online – Equally had a freakout over this.  (Yes, I do that a lot.)  This wasn’t a “lost my mind” one as much as text everyone I know that would care about it, sign up for a log in and seriously debate the reason I need to take charms and potions.  I mean, I haven’t DONE anything with it but its totally okay for adult to do that for RESEARCH.

Rorzen – This made me laugh a lot and then made me kinda sad.  I am a Doctor Who nerd from way back.  I mean WAY back.  Further than David Tennant.  Further than McCoy.  Okay, move on.  It has to be hard for these guys to end up in something amazing but never being able to shake it off.  I wish fans were better about articulating stuff like that to people they look up to.  I think sometimes they are making them feel awful, not flattered.

Villain Awesomeness – I literally have no idea who I would put on a fictional preferred list for this role.  I have a strong suspicion whomever it is will not necessarily seem like who you would expect.

I was going to mention some of the jerks that have done crappy things the past week or so but screw them.  I am not about to give their negative crap.  If there is negativity to dish out it will be all mine.

More to come.

So new town, new adventures, busy, busy, busy, geek out, busy, busy…you get the picture.  I am looking forward to some interesting things coming up and for sure, you will hear it from me first.  🙂

Peace and Chicken Grease!





This. Just ’cause.

  <==  I saw this and instantly was irritated.  Why?  Because its true.  We all should have a problem with this, parents or not, because the “future leaders” are your future bosses, Congressmen, doctors, etc.  Think it doesn’t affect you?  Unless you are independently wealthy and can pay for the best of anything and everything, it pretty much does apply to you.


I am a Millionaire…again!

For some unexplained reason, I am still surprised when I get these kind of SPAM scam emails.  I assume because of the failing economy over the past two years, these have increased and it seems the Yahoo filters don’t stop them.  ANNOYING.  At any rate, its just amusing to me that they keep trying and in case you want to collect the cashier’s check for me, here is your chance:


I have been waiting for you to pick up your Cashier Check of $1,759,000 USD (ONE MILLION SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY NINE US DOLLARS) before I leave the Federal Republic of Nigeria, but you did not show up as I did not hear from you. I am writing to inform you that I have deposited your cashier check with UNITED PARCEL SERVICE there in Nigeria.

For your information, I’m now in Dubai to resume my new job offer and will not go back to Nigeria till next year. Please you have to contact the United Parcel Service of Nigeria to know when they will deliver your package to your resident address in your country.

Note that I have paid for the security keeping fee. The only money you will have to pay is the shipping/handling fee which only cost $95.00 US Dollars to receive your check parcel as agreed with them.

Please contact the company with their below details:

Name: Abu Richard
Tel: +2348181477003
E-mail: ups-express.ng@rdwang.com

Thanks for your attention.

O’Hagan Ceila 

Should you decide to collect my cashiers check for me, I would be happy to split it with you minus the security fee.  That seems fair to me, right?  LOL

My Urban Flock

Darby, 8 years old

We have kicked around the idea of housing
an urban flock, sometime in
the next couple of years, primarily because
we use a ridiculous amount of
eggs.  The secondary reason for that
is that the kids get some
responsibility for helping take care of the food they eat and we know what
kind of diet the chickens would have.  Of course, this will likely
only happen when we no longer house our feline urban flock

Halloween, 11 years old
Darby and Halloween are our oldest in the group and none too happy
when others arrived.  Despite the sudden acquisition

of the badly abused and homeless Devil Cat (Masa), some

 how everyone has figured out how to negotiate territory
and sometimes, just leave each other alone. 
When I took her in, it was interesting to discover Masa was pregnant
and subsequently she tried to kill Darby.  No, not
kidding here, threw him down a flight of stairs!  To say it took
Darby a while to adjust is an
UNDERSTATEMENT.  Enter Jack and Harvey,
twin boys to Masa that were to go to a family that later reneged, and
you have a house hold that is never short on drama. 

Yes, sometimes its crazy but its home!

Jack, 4 years old

Harvey, 4 years old
Masa, 6 years old

Monster of the Week — The Great White

Few things can invoke an instant image as when someone starts the familiar “duh dun, duh dun, duh dun” of the Jaws theme song (or my favorite, the Mr. Jaws spoof song). Like nothing prior or even after, especially Orca, Jaws made people afraid to leave the sandy beach and take more than a couple of steps into the water. I readily admit, when I can no longer see my feet, even momentarily, I turn around and head back. Swimming or surfing in it? Not this chica. Just not going to happen.

While I was too young to see the original in theaters, I fondly remember my mom recounting the story as she and my dad went to see the movie with another couple. Upon the first of many terrifying scenes, the ladies promptly sent popcorn and Coke flying. Still it makes me giggle thinking of dad covered in that sticking mess and nothing he could do about it, because of course, it had been his idea.

Recently I have become a fan of Expedition Great White on the National Geographic Channel. Aside from the astounding scientific leaps they are making, we are treated to the visual feast that is Paul Walker from time to time. Just one episode is enough to make you realize why the reality of this ferocious predator as a movie monster is still the viable. They are both magnificent and terrifying at the same time. I’m not really sure what I think about rumors that there is another Jaws film in the making, this time with Tracy Morgan at the helm. While I respect his comedic work, it’s hard to imagine anyone better than the original cast. Thank you, Roy Schneider and Richard Dreyfuss, for steering the way through one of the scariest movies of my youth. Out of respect for the teeth, I will give the redo a chance.

Monster of the Week – Predators

I am not sure if it was the Arnold or the concept, but the Predator quickly became one of my favorite movie monsters. The special effects and story were compelling to me simply for the fact that it was unlike anything that came before it. I was horribly disappointed when the sequel seemed to do to the franchise what most sequels do; sending it to movie hell for what seemed it would be eternity. Flash forward to 2004, and the rebirth of this monster with my all time favorite movie monster in the AVP series. (I know, a lot of folks hated this, I was not one of those)  Here I think the story managed to find its legs, pitting the master alien hunter against the most brutal of all alien prey. Brilliantly played and deepening the characters, I finally felt someone was doing the genre some justice. I don’t remember the day I found out that there would be a new movie but I was in utter disbelief. Adrien Brody AND the Predator alien? Yakuza warrior? All in the same movie? Be still my heart…

Needless to say when I arrived at the theater and promptly broke into a chorus of “I’m so excited” complete with snapping of fingers and dancing, my boyfriend declared me Queen of the Geeks. There really was never a chance I wouldn’t like the movie, Oscar winning performances or B-Movie performances, it’s Robert Rodriguez we are talking about here. I trust him.

I am so glad I did.

Without giving out spoilers, the opening sequence is brilliantly terrifying and not for the reason one would think. There were at least three well placed homage’s to the original that I could find and it didn’t end the way I thought it would about halfway through. I loved it. Given the same cast and director, I will go see several more of these. I am not sure, but I think I also caught a shot filmed in McKinney Falls State Park. That was weird because I kept thinking, I STOOD RIGHT WHERE ADRIEN IS STANDING!

Good stuff. Yeah, I know I am a dork but I am okay with that.

Have a great weekend!