Happy Friday!

It’s been a long damn week.  Here is a cat picture from Angus.  🙂      

Working on a Series

This month my screenwriting course had us work on a variety of episodic and serial writing projects.  This included not only TV, but also a web series, video games and comics.  Having come to this course as a novelist, I never really considered writing on a show.  I am humbled and amazed at the amount…

Web Round Up

  There is entirely too much going on and I have not had enough time to put any blog up as I intended.  I was sidetracked on Easter by a big Twitter jerk from doing the “what the hell is wrong with people” blog so that didn’t happen.  I might get back to that as…

Happy June!

Cutest Cat Twins in the Universe This is the official anniversary of my time here on Blogger.  It has been a long strange trip these past three years for sure.  I am hoping this month that the great nuggets from this blog are archived in my Volume 1 over on Blurb.com and then I will…

Spoiled Rotten

Yes, she eats turkey burgers and sleeps on a heating pad.  That’s just rotten.

The Good Life

I hope I live my life as well as my cats.  If I can be this happy, I have done something right!

So long and Good night…

This past week was a long one that ended in us saying good bye to an old friend.  Oddly enough, Halloween came to live with me when I lost a girl cat that looked just like her.  When I saw her, I couldn’t turn her down thinking that she would fill that space up that…

My Urban Flock

 Darby, 8 years old  We have kicked around the idea of housing an urban flock, sometime in the next couple of years, primarily because we use a ridiculous amount of eggs.  The secondary reason for that is that the kids get some responsibility for helping take care of the food they eat and…

Happy Cat

Harvey loves his dogs.  They haven’t decided what to do about him rubbing all over them but they don’t try to eat him either.  That’s progress.

Sweet Old Girl

Sometimes, stretching out in the sun is the best way to go.