Working on a Series

Angus and Jack
Angus and Jack said HI

This month my screenwriting course had us work on a variety of episodic and serial writing projects.  This included not only TV, but also a web series, video games and comics.  Having come to this course as a novelist, I never really considered writing on a show.  I am humbled and amazed at the amount of work that has to go into season arcs, episode construction and execution.  When people complain about a show, I will be able to say now with authority “you have no idea what you are talking about.”  It is hella hard.  As a staff writer, you are also taking someone else’s creative property for the most part and executing it the way you are told to do.  Can you craft a story that fits that world? Yes.  Will you be in control of its execution? Rarely.  Like adapting a novel the screen results in hard decisions being made by forces beyond your control, you may put all the work in but have very little say in changes or direction.  Think about that next time you decide to hate Tweet a writer! 🙂

I had to publish a blog post on my mastery journal about what it was like to be a staff writer, if you are interested, you can read that HERE.

Web Round Up

loki laundry


There is entirely too much going on and I have not had enough time to put any blog up as I intended.  I was sidetracked on Easter by a big Twitter jerk from doing the “what the hell is wrong with people” blog so that didn’t happen.  I might get back to that as soon as I get past spring which seems to be the time of year that is the busiest.

Or I won’t.

Maybe.  Maybe not.

I honestly have had very little time since moving across the country WHILE finishing graduate school to do much of anything because awesome stuff keeps happening.  I was lucky enough to get invited to Alaska and then before I knew it, I was off to do other things in other places.  It hasn’t stopped.  It would be maddening if it weren’t preferable to doing nothing.

I finished a book.

Truthfully I always do that, and if you are here even semi-regularly you know that about me.  I am a really big advocate for NaNoWriMo and I participate every year since 2008-ish even if I don’t finish.  I have finished a total of two novels in the process and one novella and as much as it stresses other people out, the type of writing it requires seems to suit me.  Very well.  So this year, I am taking it up a notch.

Enter stage right.

I decided partially through November’s effort last year that this one would go a step further.  Post-editing and query letter phase, I am going to turn this story into a screenplay.  It’s not that I haven’t thought of doing that before but there was something about this particular story that made me think I need to try that.  It is different from what I have done before and likely it is different from what I will do in the future and there is something to be said for that.  I am freaking out a little but trying to make sure that I am learning the CORRECT way to screenplay the shit out of a story in hopes that it leads to another awesome adventure.

Ridiculous and Awesome.

Its been an insanely long time since I have done a web round up so while I am taking a break, I figured this was as good a time as any to do one because I like talking about random stuff.  So here we go:

Nerd Freakout – I completely lost my mind when I saw this.  I mean “lost my mind” in a good way here.  I am a huge Wonder Woman fan and any time something comes up that adds to that universe in general, it makes me happy for DAYS.  This announcement sent me to YouTube where I watched Shazam, Isis and Wonder Woman videos all morning.  Yes, I am busy, but this is RESEARCH. It is research for something right?  Whatever.

Hogwarts Online – Equally had a freakout over this.  (Yes, I do that a lot.)  This wasn’t a “lost my mind” one as much as text everyone I know that would care about it, sign up for a log in and seriously debate the reason I need to take charms and potions.  I mean, I haven’t DONE anything with it but its totally okay for adult to do that for RESEARCH.

Rorzen – This made me laugh a lot and then made me kinda sad.  I am a Doctor Who nerd from way back.  I mean WAY back.  Further than David Tennant.  Further than McCoy.  Okay, move on.  It has to be hard for these guys to end up in something amazing but never being able to shake it off.  I wish fans were better about articulating stuff like that to people they look up to.  I think sometimes they are making them feel awful, not flattered.

Villain Awesomeness – I literally have no idea who I would put on a fictional preferred list for this role.  I have a strong suspicion whomever it is will not necessarily seem like who you would expect.

I was going to mention some of the jerks that have done crappy things the past week or so but screw them.  I am not about to give their negative crap.  If there is negativity to dish out it will be all mine.

More to come.

So new town, new adventures, busy, busy, busy, geek out, busy, busy…you get the picture.  I am looking forward to some interesting things coming up and for sure, you will hear it from me first.  🙂

Peace and Chicken Grease!





Happy June!

Cutest Cat Twins in the Universe

This is the official anniversary of my time here on Blogger.  It has been a long strange trip these past three years for sure.  I am hoping this month that the great nuggets from this blog are archived in my Volume 1 over on and then I will be moving to  I am shivering with antici…pation.  I hope you move over there with me and I am working on all sorts of odds and ends to make that experience so much richer.  Forever grateful that some of you tend to stick around.  You rock.

So long and Good night…

This past week was a long one that ended in us saying good bye to an old friend.  Oddly enough, Halloween came to live with me when I lost a girl cat that looked just like her.  When I saw her, I couldn’t turn her down thinking that she would fill that space up that hurt so much when Ms. Callie died unexpectedly when in quarantine in Hawaii.  That was a hard few days many moons ago.  Who knew the cat afraid of garbage trucks would become an old friend.  She managed to keep on going even at 12 and a half when her body just started to disagree with the decision.  I knew she was sick so it gave us all a chance to discuss it but when she decided she wanted to get up and walk to where I stood on Friday but couldn’t make it, I felt so much guilt for letting her stick around that long.  Despite her steady weight loss over the past few months, she had a spirit that wanted to keep going.  She never complained, she was never grumpy.  If there was chicken or fish to be had, she was quick to get in the middle of where ever it was being served.  Her old age did not diminish her desire to put her foot in my cereal bowl EVERY SINGLE TIME in case she would win that tug of war and a bowl for herself.  She was vocal every morning, insisting that she was always first in line and thus should always get her treats first.  Every morning at 5:30 AM, she waited at the bedroom door because the alarm went off and in case I hit snooze, she began to meow and remind me that we have a routine, we must get up. 

Some of those things were pretty annoying coming from a cat, I am  not going to lie.  Some how each of those things became a piece and part of our lives any way.  All these years later, now no one is crying at the door, I can’t bear to get up at 5:30.  No one is knocking over the trash looking for pieces of dinner.  I eat my cereal in such a quiet peace that its almost too much to bear.  Tuesdays and Thursdays are making me feel like hiding behind the dryer on impulse, every time I hear the garbage trucks.

I miss you Halloween.  A lot more than I could have imagined I would.  I appreciate all the years you took care of me when I needed it.   You were a damn fine cat.

My Urban Flock

Darby, 8 years old

We have kicked around the idea of housing
an urban flock, sometime in
the next couple of years, primarily because
we use a ridiculous amount of
eggs.  The secondary reason for that
is that the kids get some
responsibility for helping take care of the food they eat and we know what
kind of diet the chickens would have.  Of course, this will likely
only happen when we no longer house our feline urban flock

Halloween, 11 years old
Darby and Halloween are our oldest in the group and none too happy
when others arrived.  Despite the sudden acquisition

of the badly abused and homeless Devil Cat (Masa), some

 how everyone has figured out how to negotiate territory
and sometimes, just leave each other alone. 
When I took her in, it was interesting to discover Masa was pregnant
and subsequently she tried to kill Darby.  No, not
kidding here, threw him down a flight of stairs!  To say it took
Darby a while to adjust is an
UNDERSTATEMENT.  Enter Jack and Harvey,
twin boys to Masa that were to go to a family that later reneged, and
you have a house hold that is never short on drama. 

Yes, sometimes its crazy but its home!

Jack, 4 years old

Harvey, 4 years old
Masa, 6 years old