Introduction Writer, local funny girl, kick ass mom, foodie and film nerd. I am fortunate that I get to do what I want. Sometimes I write for children, sometimes for grownups. I royally piss people off or mildly amuse them. Anything in between wouldn’t be very interesting. I am making my happily ever after up as I go. 
Interests Books, movies, great food, good political conversations, learning new things, travel, seeking the meaning of life
Favorite Movies Wizard of Oz, any Tarantino, any Baz Luhrmann, any Tim Burton. Foreign films superhero movies, anything action and horror flicks. I am a movie super-nerd and usually go on opening night for the ones I want to see.
Favorite Music Bruno Mars, anything old, anything new, Better than Ezra, Beastie Boys, 70s funk music and disco
Favorite Books I read everyday so this is too hard!


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