Introduction Writer, local funny girl, kick ass mom, foodie and film nerd. I am fortunate that I get to do what I want. Sometimes I write for children, sometimes for grownups. I royally piss people off or mildly amuse them. Anything in between wouldn’t be very interesting. I am making my happily ever after up as I go. 
Interests Books, movies, great food, good political conversations, learning new things, travel, seeking the meaning of life
Favorite Movies Wizard of Oz, any Sci-Fi, any Baz Luhrmann, any Tim Burton. Foreign films superhero movies, anything action and horror flicks. I am a movie super-nerd and usually go on opening night for the ones I want to see.
Favorite Music anything old, anything new, Better than Ezra, Beastie Boys, 70s funk music and disco
Favorite Books I read everyday so this is too hard!


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