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YES.  This is my baby.  I am sharing her post today with you guys because, well, she’s flipping awesome and she deserves it!

She is working on raising the last of what she needs, well, for a complicated reason.  After an extending depression/anxiety period that begun in 2016, she began therapy.  When things came up in therapy that she needed to address, she sent a letter to her biological father.  Her goal was to say she remembered abusive things he did to her and myself and thought she deserved an apology.  He has answered that with cutting off any assistance or health insurance as soon as she turns 18 even though he makes six figures at Amazon.  He’s not required any longer to drop her from health insurance, this is strictly a choice.  It’s pretty cruel to do to anyone but in particular to someone with preexisting conditions.

I mean, fuck him right? I can add that because she’s too nice to put that in her post.
If 1000 of you guys could pass $5 to her, she would have every remaining fee and issue covered.  That should be easy, shouldn’t it?
She is an amazing kid, y’all.  Check it:
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Been a while here’s what has been going on! Enjoy! Mostly I got extremely consumed in school because it was my graduating year and I also took part in an externship program on top of the work I had in all my other classes. Through the externship program I was actually allowed to shadow professionals […]

via UPDATE: WOW, Time Flies! — Recurve Emma

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