Here We Go Again!

Not gonna lie, the past 12 months have been some serious nightmare fuel.  Combining that with some rather serious family health issues this last month, I think I have had all I can take.  There is no way 2018 can beat me up the same.  I can’t let it.  I won’t let it.

I have talked about setting intentions many, many, many times.  Resolutions just don’t work but putting out an intention and taking steps towards it, well that reaps all kinds of rewards.

One of my favorite authors, Leigh Bardugo, has a great idea that she uses #BAYMTGO on social media.  Basically something you intend for the year, you begin on January 1st with at least 15 minutes of it.  Smart right?  I think this helps you block out small pockets of time for yourself at a time when too many people just don’t.  What do you have to lose?

That’s right, NOTHING.

Vision board is already done for the new year, routine is already set, I am caffeinated up…I GOT THIS!

Here’s hoping you join me on the journey.


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