Dear @Pink




What a week its been, huh?


I guess you know some folks got upset by your tweet advocating for the change of nature of the president.  It seems you also got pretty offended at the idea that people thought you voted for him.  In fact, it looks like you have surmised that those people are “idiots.”


As a caregiver to a disabled combat Veteran, mom to LGBT kids and as a woman who survived both sexual assault and domestic violence, please let me help you understand why this is so god damn frustrating.


The current mafia family inhabiting the White House has a VERY long record of corrupt business deals and racist activity. This week, everyone is reeling from the revelations out of Hollywood but, ya know what?  The liar-in-chief has more than ten women who have come forward to detail years of sexual harassment and assault.  He even DESCRIBED is sexual assault techniques on tape, that the whole country heard/saw, and he was still elected.  These weren’t just a few bad decisions but decades of systemic corruption as a company and as one sick, diseased human being.


I ask you, what reason does he, a 71-year-old racist predator, have to change?


Since inauguration, this president has worked to sign an Executive Order to roll back every single inch of progress made by President Obama.  (Yes, I know I didn’t capitalize the other guy-he doesn’t deserve it.)  In case you didn’t understand, this is because he was black.  He is obsessed with President Obama and in some way sees his profound accomplishments as a personal failure.  You do know he funded quite a bit of the birther movement, yes?


I think for you to have a Zen moment and want everyone to get a long and be happy is because you do have privilege that allows you to not really be impacted by all of this.  For those of us in the trenches, trying to fight and sling the shit off our backs he keeps dumping, it feels dismissive.  People look at you, a wealthy white woman, preaching that the world just needs him to change and of course they get the wrong idea.  Do you know why?  Because a very high percentage of educated white women voted for this guy that we all knew was a racist predator before November 2016.  I mean, can you fucking believe that?  Guess what he’s done just in the last two weeks?  He’s signed an Executive order to gut the Affordable Care Act, stopped requiring employers to cover birth control and endorsed a 20 week ban on abortion.  Did you know he tried to make Marla Maples have an abortion?  Had you heard about that?


We are tired.  People are dying in Puerto Rico and he thinks they should work harder and pay for clean up themselves.  He thinks he met with the President of the Virgin Islands.  He said Nazis are good people and then went on to meet with an anti-LGBT group and call them his friends.


With all due respect to your artistic talent, the world doesn’t have any time nor any confidence in this man’s ability to change.  What needs to change are seats in Congress.  What needs to change are seats in state legislatures.  What needs to change is gerrymandering.  What needs to change is white people holding up Chicago as some reason black people don’t get to protest police brutality.  What needs to change is persecuting women for speaking up about violence instead of the men that call us cunts online without thinking twice about it.  What needs to chance is Bernie supporters in this country deciding they can co-opt the Democratic party instead of running a third party.  Like, I can keep naming things.  There are a lot of things.  There are a lot of things that will change.  He is not one of them.


I currently have 7710 people blocked on Twitter.  I think its fucking ridiculous that racists, MRAs and misogynists have a platform.  What I didn’t expect on Twitter was to find you basically saying let’s pray he changes and then get offended when it didn’t go down how you meant or thought it would.  Maybe take a look at why everyone telling you there is a problem?


We aren’t idiots.

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