Hey There New People

I am not sure how you found me, but pull up, stay a while.  I don’t know if I have what you are looking for but I am pretty sure you will find something you didn’t expect.  (For real tho…HAHAHA)

You can read the “about” or dig around in the topics but here’s a quick crash course—I talk about everything.  Seriously, super critical political issues to how to clip coupons and even DIY for your house.  Parenting issues that come up from time to time but also heartbreak and loss.  You are my friend so my blog is a conversational style and covers, like I said up there, everything.  My Instagram is mostly DIY, Homekeeping, Kids and Animals.  My Twitter is a coffee fueled, profanity laden, stream of consciousness about movies, nerdy stuff, politics, religion, cats, history, art, more profanity, and this list could keep going. I try to post something different in each place and hopefully that’s a snapshot of an entire life.

Confused?  I get it.

Some people are pretty strict ON BRAND and you will not see a deviation any where.  My life just isn’t that easy to compartmentalize.  Maybe that’s bad.  I just think the journey we all are on is pretty fucking messy.  If we shared more, we would judge less.  People would relax a little of their anxiety if they realized they were not alone.  It won’t fix everything but what does it hurt to try?

Here is a sample of my favorite posts in case you want to learn a little about me:

Kung Fu

Ireland, Politics and the feeling of Home

Monster of the Week: Everything in Pacific Rim

The Kevin Project

What makes a book a classic?

End of the World Baking

DIY Done Right

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