Intentions, yo!

Hey ya’ll!  It’s that time of year again.

2016 can suck it, amirite?

While I did get to do a lot of cool things, one thing that did not happen was finding time in 2016 for all my intentions, I am keeping it simple:

2017 is all about ME.

I can already hear you saying “she will never do it” or “there aren’t enough hours in the day” but I am serious.  I put off things too long so the next year will be about getting me, my life, my work, my health and my mind on track for how I want to spend the next 20 years.

Really, isn’t that how we should push our focus?  

Long range planning?  Self-care?  Preparing for where we want to see ourselves?  Why are women so TERRIBLE at moving out of the caregiving role and putting focus where we need to?  Honestly, if you aren’t at 100% there is no way you are a benefit to others.

So opt out.

It’s okay to say no.  It’s okay to do something or go somewhere by yourself.  It’s okay to eat something you want without having to ask permission or share or care what anyone thinks.

You are the boss of you.


Of course, I have had to stop six times while writing this to chase the new puppy who is currently throwing his head back barking at the neighbor he’s never seen because he thinks he is an intruder.  (Funny but also a little embarrassing.)

But I am going to keep at it, keep writing, even when picking up chew toys and stepping in cat puke and…

What was I saying?  HAHAHAHAHA!


Meet ‘strami:


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