I Am Out of Hibernation.


I love this LIVING room!


Do you know that feeling; when you have not been to the gym in a year, and decide to go back? You hop on an elliptical, set it to its maximum uphill climb level, start pedaling at 3.2 mph, then after 4 and a half minutes, get dizzy and vomit? So embarrassed, you pack up your new water bottle and speed walk your ass 3.2 mph right out the front door.

That is how I feel now with this post.

I have been absent like a muther. Conquering this little design world, totally ignoring this part of my business. I have been busy. So busy, that I have let my passion become another thing on the to-do list.

Since I have last posted I have moved into an office, become a national spokesperson, done countless interviews, and have designed the shit out of some amazing spaces in the Chicago area…

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