Three Muses Wonder Woman Costume in Good Housekeeping Magazine


Yeah for Candy & Three Muses!

I need one of these costumes for Christmas..:)

A Mused Life

It’s always exciting when a magazine contacts me to borrow a costume, but it almost always involves some crazy rush. Good Housekeeping Magazine was no exception- they needed a Wonder Woman costume to shoot asap so I had to scramble to get it ready and overnighted in less than two days. It was during One Spark so I was out of the store for five days and working the festival morning till late night. I was in luck though- my grandmother had already sewn some extra bottoms ahead of time and I always have extra accessories ready, so all I needed to do was get the corset ready.

The corset is the piece that takes the longest!  First the design is drawn on with chalk and then the outline done in gold dimensional paint. I don’t use any patterns and draw every corset freehand. The outline takes 24 hours to…

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