New Intentions for 2014

I have done a lot of these posts since I started blogging again in 2008.  Here is the short version:  It is about a phrase really that signifies you readjusting your expectations and going over failed resolutions. I always set intentions, rather than resolutions, because if you don’t intend to actually do it, what’s the point.

I looked back at my lists and it always make me happy because unlike everyone that fails at their resolutions by mid-March, each year there are things that I have done that not only contribute to my life and those around me but make me feel like I am accomplishing something.  In the big picture, life should be about those experiences, right?

When I looked back at previous lists, this is what I have found I actually have done since 2008:

 Learned to make pasta from scratch

Furthered my study of meditation

Completed my second NANOWRIMO

Saw Mt. Rushmore

Completed an improv class

Started a running program

Visited Alaska

Run a half marathon 
(well I have found the one I am registering for for 2015 cause they insanely sell out a year in advance)

Cooked more for my family

Found more time to write

Finishing my Masters Degree

That a pretty awesome list of accomplishments, right?  For some reason, these are still eluding me:

 Riding all the coasters at Six Flags in Arlington

Jumping out of an airplane

Learning to sew

Learning to knit

Visiting Machu Picchu

Learning French

Take dancing lessons

The great thing with the ones I still have on my list is that I actually have plan already to work on many of them!  I am still thinking about what I want to add to the list this time.  I wanted to convert an antique armoire to a bar but I am working on that now and I think it will be done BEFORE New Years so that doesn’t work for a new addition.  Get Michael Bolton to answer a tweet?  DONE.  So, while I am doing some head scratching for new things to put on my list, I would love to hear from you guys.  What are your intentions for 2014?




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