Twitter Giveaway


So, I am continuing to pretend to set up my forever home and clean out my office and I have too much stuff.  Like bordering on ridiculous but not quite hoarder level stuff.  Its hard when you have a small place because you love things but don’t have room for all the things. I am going to pass some of those thing on to my Twitter peeps. Twitter has been very kind to me and the interactions always interesting.  In this, I hope to inspire others to swap old things for new friendships or repurpose, recycle or just have fun. First, here are the rules:

(come on, you knew there would be some kind of rules!)

Giveaway rules:

  1. I have no provenance for any of this stuff.  If it’s a fake, don’t freak out on me.  You get something for free so if that isn’t awesome enough, don’t play.
  2. You have to be willing to DM me an actual mailing address.  If you don’t want to give out your address, don’t play.
  3. You have to follow me on Twitter, place a note in the comments below on this blog, tell me your Twitter account name and that you are following me.  If you don’t want to follow me on Twitter, why are you here anyway?
  4. Don’t send me hate mail if its broken when it arrives or it takes three weeks to get there.  You are getting it for free so I am paying for the shipping I can afford and it won’t be overnight, mkay?
  5. I ask that you tweet me when the item is received with a picture and if so inclined, a thank you.  I come from a long line of paranoid mailers, started from Grandma Harper who would call me every year to say “Did you get my card with the money because the mailmen steal money from birthday cards?”  (Pretty terrifying for little kids and should explain a lot)
  6. Sometimes it will be a vintage item, a comic book, an old book or something funky I picked up somewhere.  There will be no method to the madness.  I will ship something on the first of each month until I have no more stuff to ship.  Check back often because if I get really crazy, I might send something out more than once a month.

Bonus entries:

  1. You will receive a bonus entry if you follow me on my blog and on Tumblr…also enter that in your comments.
  2. You will receive bonus entries for any time you retweet me during the contest time for ANY RANDOM JUNK up to 5 additional entries.
  3. Tell me a little known fact about yourself in the blog comment and you earn both my respect and an extra entry

At the end of the contest period, everyone’s Twitter handle will be put in a bowl and Angus the cat will choose the winner.  If he eats it before I can read it, I can promise you I am not checking the cat box after, I will just pull out another winner.  Sorry.  #notreallysorry

If you are the winner, you will be notified via Twitter and the item sent out on the first of the month.




So this month’s item is…DRUMROLL PLEASE:




At one time I was told this was an US Army compass, Civil War era.  I am sure that is a lie.  I would estimate this to probably be US Army era 1950-1970.  I have no idea if its worth $5 or $500, I just don’t have any where to put it and I think if you dig history, it’s just too cool to pass off in a donation box.  I thought one of you nerds might like it, so let me know!

I will go through October 31st accepting entries and on November 1st, Angus and I will choose a winner and ship it out when the address is received.  Unless you DM me at some stupid hour of the night, use your brains cause there isn’t going to be a trip to the Post Office at 2 AM.

I hope I covered everything.  If I didn’t, I know one or more of you will tell me FOR SURE.  GOD BLESS THE INTERNET!




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