My Alaska Adventure

It is not common to get an offer of a trip to Alaska, for free, within thirty days and in accepting such, there was a great deal of juggling put in place.  I kept coming back to the “HOW CAN I SAY NO?” aspect of that.  To me, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, even if I am ever able to return, because I don’t know that I can do that.  Not going was never an option and I am so glad I did!

Many thanks to the folks at Samaritan Lodge and Operation Heal Our Patriots who put a great deal of thought into a well-rounded experience and enrichment for wounded warriors and spouses!  It is a hard road to travel and it is encouraging to find people committed to helping weather the storms.

If you ever have the chance to visit Alaska, your only response should be “YES!”

This is Otis, a 20-something yo, 1000 lb bear with a floppy ear and little interested for fishing unless one hits him off the falls…VERY FUNNY to watch him lumbering around

mama bear pink flowers panoramic Port Alsworth 2 Float plane Alaska still life 2 toadstool Alaska still life beach bear Michelle fishing Kevin Pike dwarf dogwood Angus bear Katami brown bear M & K Katmai salmon Kevin waterfall Tanalian





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