One person CAN make a difference


I was watching TV this morning and again, energy company commercials are running trying to scare people into forcing elected officials into keeping subsidies in place.  Seriously, people, get with it…an industry that posts BILLIONS in profits can afford to pay their taxes!  Jobs won’t be cut from it but if they do, I would be okay with it being this guy:

Chairman and CEO, EXXON MOBIL CORP (XOM), Headquarters: IRVING, TX

In 2010, R. W. Tillerson received $28,952,558 in total compensation. By comparison, the median worker made $33,190 in 2010. R. W. Tillerson made 872 times the median worker’s pay.

Seriously, its time for Americans to be outraged.  Click here and search for ANY of the corporations that operate here and see what they are paying the guy in charge and then explain to me why they can’t pay taxes.  I just don’t believe it.  Vote for candidates willing to end corporate welfare.  This is a way to help our country by ending subsidies that could pay our debt!  Tell a friend, write a letter to your Congressman, DO SOMETHING!

I submit a much better way of spending a tiny amount of money…feeding people:

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  1. Nessie says:

    I have a little secret that I'm going really public with now. Even though I'm not from the States, and have never lived there, I regularly sign petitions and write to congressmen (and try to personalize things when I have the time). My German high school's postal code is the exact same one as that of Canton, GA. So for three years at LEAST I've been writing to Saxby Chambliss, Tom Price, and Johnny Isakson. I don't think I'm not entitled to do this, as I see myself as a potential future citizen, and thus have a vested interest in changing things. I also try not to refer to myself as a constituent (but when I can't formulate my own texts, sometimes I guess constituent might pop up in the formulated texts).

  2. I appreciate that you are writing them. To me, we are ALL global citizens and should be doing the same. P.S. You rock.

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