Woo hoo, it’s Oscar time!

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Woo hoo, my favorite time of the year! For our Oscar party this year, instead of our typical appetizer menu, we are opting for a full sit down menu on the fancy dishes (cue the applause and screams of delight from the girls). We are going with a deep fried Camembert served with raspberry preserves and hunks of crusty bread, followed by Cordon Bleu with an accompanying soup. YUM!

This year is probably the first one where there are a vast amount of nominated movies. I am on a self- imposed refusal to see Black Swan because, I will be honest, I hated Requiem for a Dream. I may pay to rent it on DVD just for Vincent Cassel because I adore him but I think it is sad that everyone just went crazy for Natalie (in part for her willingness to the lesbian route) and are sort of neglecting some of the other brilliance around. I think it is a foregone conclusion that she will win, but I will say I wish it was Jennifer from Winter’s Bone.

I think the decision to have James Franco and Anne Hathaway host is a good one. James has been putting many a tease out on Twitter and I am looking forward to seeing them together. I find both of them equal parts funny and very relatable.

One film I will recommend out of all of them that you decide to check out is Restrepo. I make no secret of my feelings about how desperately we need to get out of Afghanistan and this movie gives a good glimpse into what life is like on the ground for our service members. President Obama, I know you read my blog…considering the troubles we are having here in our country and that Afghanistan has repelled invaders for 100 years, please bring our troops home. They need a mental health break and our country needs the one billion spent there every four months. Thanks for listening.

Who are your favorites and why?

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