My Urban Flock

Darby, 8 years old

We have kicked around the idea of housing
an urban flock, sometime in
the next couple of years, primarily because
we use a ridiculous amount of
eggs.  The secondary reason for that
is that the kids get some
responsibility for helping take care of the food they eat and we know what
kind of diet the chickens would have.  Of course, this will likely
only happen when we no longer house our feline urban flock

Halloween, 11 years old
Darby and Halloween are our oldest in the group and none too happy
when others arrived.  Despite the sudden acquisition

of the badly abused and homeless Devil Cat (Masa), some

 how everyone has figured out how to negotiate territory
and sometimes, just leave each other alone. 
When I took her in, it was interesting to discover Masa was pregnant
and subsequently she tried to kill Darby.  No, not
kidding here, threw him down a flight of stairs!  To say it took
Darby a while to adjust is an
UNDERSTATEMENT.  Enter Jack and Harvey,
twin boys to Masa that were to go to a family that later reneged, and
you have a house hold that is never short on drama. 

Yes, sometimes its crazy but its home!

Jack, 4 years old

Harvey, 4 years old
Masa, 6 years old

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