Eat local and Learn to Can!

In our ever increasing quest to eat local, eat healthy AND on the cheap, we decided to check out a local only farmers market in our area and it was AH-mazing!  the kids had a great time and we spent very little to come home with arm loads of tasty things.
I was lucky enough to win a canning book over at one of my favorite sites and quickly bookmarked a million things to try.  I started with Peach Butter and Pickles (though not in the same jar)!

I will say, to get the right consistency took FOREVER, but man were we rewarded!  This stuff is summer in a jar.  This will definitely be something we make to give away as gifts.

 *makes mental note to get busy for Christmas

The pickles were fun.  Leave it to me to have NO IDEA there are a million different recipes for this.  They turned out great but they are not the crispy Vlassics I am accustomed to.  Also unknown to me until I started the process but to get this crispy pickle you have to put an additive in the mix.  Since I was trying to do the local and organic thing, I opted not to do this.  I guess I will have to decide next time if that is the way I will keep it.  I think a pickle recipe without the additive would probably be better done as thick slices.  But that just the foodie in me over thinking it…

Fun stuff!  Think about finding a place in your area and try it!

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