Hells Bells

AC/DC doesn’t have shit on this.

Two weeks ago I started the Kettleworx program. As many of you know, I’m not really a fan of Jillian nor her methodology. I was in terrible pain most of the time I did the workout (which was nearly 60 days straight) and though I had some results, it wasn’t enough to make it worth it. BF actually ended up with a knee injury the only time he did the program with me that later resulted in surgery. He is THE most physically fit person I know which makes it SCARY that it could injury him. I consider myself lucky.

My experience with Kettleworx has been dramatically different. Don’t get me wrong, its definitely kicking my ass, but in a very different way. It pushes you so hard, yet doesn’t cause the same intense pain that the Shred did. I still can’t complete three sets but my muscles are feeling so good (in a worked out hard kind of way). It requires a day of rest in between each day and its a six week program. I am walking a mile and a half the days I don’t work on it and the days I do, I walk a quick half mile after to stretch. I think I am going to remain on week one until I can complete each sections three sets before moving on to week two. The coolest part is that its a different workout each week so you don’t get too accustomed to anything or bored. So far a big thumbs up!

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