BP Tries Again

You can go here to check out the video feed.  I don’t know about you but I can stand it any more.  It makes me feel completely helpless and I just want to cry.  So many people don’t realize how this will effect life for years going forward.  Middle Monkey found a band at Warped tour with a new song entitled “Gaia Bleeds“.  I can’t think of a more appropriate description for what’s happening.  I am just sick and my outrage does no good.  I can’t understand a company operating with no emergency plan if this were to happen.  I can’t understand their lack of concern in the beginning like somehow this was unfortunate but par for the course.  I am glad the government is helping, but as far as I am concerned, this company needs to clean up its mess.  The same conservatives that preach NO government are the same ones accusing the government of not doing enough.  This wasn’t a government accident, its a corporate spill that BP needs to be held accountable for.  Good to see Tony Hayward is showing the appropriate amount of personal restraint.

UPDATE:  I find it interesting that the GOP is pushing this line again and again.  It should bother someone that if Bush I stopped deep water drilling and Bush II allowed it to restart, that would be where the “regulatory” problem lies…but maybe I am the only one that sees it that way.  Sad really, that people are trying to make this an issue about this Administration and not one about corporate irresponsibility where it should be.

Mental note:  Look up rules for moving to England permanently.

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