Happy July!


Geeze, June is over! Poof, like that. My little man has graduated and is getting ready to pack up for college, littlest monkey is out of state for a bit for all kinds of adventures and middle monkey is struggling through driving classes. On the home front, we are attempting all kinds of spruce up and out right redo’s of several things and I AM TIRED! Thinking summer would be a blast is not exactly what has happened thus far…hoping to make it to the beach sometime before school starts.

Ridiculous money making/saving continues, as I have mentioned here before. I had my first trip to the store where I netted $45.93 in groceries to hear the cashier say “That will be .49 please” after all my coupons. That, my dears, is better than any high from anything I might or might not have inhaled in my younger days. Woot. I just cashed in my Swagbucks and my Opinion Outpost cash and on Amazon with my handy dandy Prime account, I managed to get everything for little monkeys birthday party for under $70! Best part of that, I AM NOT PAYING OUT OF MY OWN POCKET. I cannot overemphasize the love I have for Opinion Outpost and Swagbucks. My next set I will be saving for Christmas presents and it really take the pressure off for where that chunk of cash is coming from.

Part of our redo here is coming from paint. For many years, the “OOPS paint” sections of Home Depot, Lowes and Wal-Mart (yes even they have one!) have been the way to find what I need and not pay $30 a gallon. I always have in mind for every project what colors I need and sometimes, they just materialize! Typically, a gallon runs $5, a pint $2 and I just lucked onto a 5 gallon bucket in the right color for my entire living areas (foyer, library, kitchen and living room) for a whopping $35. These typically go for right around $100. You would be shocked at what a simple coat of paint could do to lift up a room and your spirits. I am turning old doors into tables, working on an art project that is entirely made of buttons and painting accessories with ridiculously bright colors. I will be done in about two weeks and I am so excited to see progress so far.

Here is hoping your days is fabulous and your holiday is a happy one! Peace and chicken grease. 

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