Cowboys at Cowboy Stadium

I’m not sure what I expected when I decided it was a good idea to attend a PBR event. Most people are familiar with Ty from Dancing with the Stars and of course his lovely wife Jewel, whom I follow on Twitter. I don’t think I really know anyone outside of my house that actually watches it outside my home but I will admit, its quickly becoming one of my favorite ways to pass the time. (Its carried on Versus, check to see what channel that is in your area). I have enjoyed learning all the interesting stories behind the riders, particularly all of the international riders but you gotta love a sport where some of the main character (this equals $$$) are those with names like Code Blue, Big Tex, Voodoo Child, Chicken on a Chain and

These animals are amazing. Seeing them projected on the giant screens in HD no less also highlights how BIG they are compared to the poor soul who climbs on top of one. They go out and shake their money makers and roll back through the gate for the most part. Occasionally its funny to see the ones more independent minded ones give the wranglers a big eff you as if to say “put a strap on my nads, that’s what you get”.

It started out as a concert by Gary Allan, who I will go on record as saying is Probably the single HOTTEST country singer I have ever seen. :). Aside from that, he’s a snappy dresser and most EXCELLENT musician. As I was Twittering during that time, I did a search and found tons of other folks there doing the same. GARY! Get a Twitter! People are trying to tell you how hot you are! (Looks like they have been working on updating his site this week so maybe that’s not far behind, woot!)

Afterwards, as if it weren’t hot enough already, to the cry “Are You Ready to Rumble?” the top one and two seed jump a ramp and motor cross into the area. Clearly these guys are number one and two because they firmly squeeze the life out of that good ol Mr. Death Wish every day. There are explosions, flames, sparks and fireworks. “PBR” GLOWS IN FLAMES IN THE DIRT. I could not make up stuff like this. Firework inside the stadium. That’s all kinds of awesome.

Their bull fighters (not rodeo clowns) are amazing athletes in their own right and Captain Enterprise, well he is something special. A man that will crawl across the dirt doing a stripper dance to “Dude looks Like a Lady” in clown makeup gets my vote every time. He made it worth the price of admission. (Because it sure wasn’t the 5 dollar bottles of water, fuck you very much Mr. Jones)

Check out one if its coming to your area. I think you will enjoy it. 🙂

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