Days 27-29: 30 Days with Jillian


I am done.

Well, I am kind of done. Tomorrow is day 30 and I never in my life would have thought I would have made it to level 3, much less continuing for more than 30 days. My goal was to establish a routine or habit out of getting up and getting active. I have succeeded because I am way too guilty to miss more than a couple of days of exercise…Jillian seems to keep creeping into my head. I did a few more days of level 1 so that I knew I was ready to move on, by the time I got to ten days of level 2, I just found myself bored so I started level 3. I have found a couple of DVDs to substitute on days when I don’t feel the Jillian. I will let you know how those go as I progress.

I bought a scale (boo hiss). This was weird for me because unlike most women, I have never been scale obsessed. I know what size I am comfortable as, I know I haven’t been gaining weight since Little Monkey, just struggling to make it come off. I decided to weigh myself now at the end of every month as well as tape myself so I know what progress is being made. I regret now not doing this when I first started because I don’t have a number to measure from at the end of December.

I am still doing protein shakes on the day I do a very physical exercise. Sunday has become truly a day of rest while Saturday is a day BF in the evening. Saturday AM I walked a mile with the BF, did some yoga with Little Monkey and went for a western dance class with the BF in the evening (we are moving to Latin dances after this first session of classes). I think I have managed to incorporate physical activity into my daily life and I am excited to see what this brings me.

So, tomorrow with be day 30 but I won’t be blogging on it daily any more. I like to write about a lot and Jillian is driving me nuts so I am going scale back on that progress. Since I have set the last day of the month for weigh-in, I have decided that I will post my progress as I go.

Here is hoping you are all working on a happy, healthy life! It’s so worth the sweat equity. 🙂

Peace and Chicken Grease!

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  1. Arisha says:

    I too regret not measuring myself. But I can physically see a difference and so have others. My friend suggested I measure myself now and continue on my journey. It's never too late. Jillian stays in my head too! Escpecially since she's haunting me in commercials as well as online. I see free ads with her and I say of course she'd be here. LoL. I don't know if I said this before, but thanks for the inspiration!

  2. You are welcome! I am starting over, measuring each week and trying to master both form and the advanced position of EVERYTHING on each level. Thats my next 30 days…lol. I am after more weight loss so just doing one 30 days is not enough for me. I was looking to develop a habit AND get results. So far so good!

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