Day 18: 30 Day Shred with Jillian Michaels


This is day two on level two. There is an old Army saying that is something like if you don’t puke after running PT, you didn’t push hard enough.

I guess this is why Jillian makes me want to throw up.

It was really bad the first week I started and began to taper off a bit but then starting up on level two, I am in full trying-not-to-throw-up mode. Yikes. I guess I am pushing myself the right amount. The plank stuff is KILLING me and this plank twist stuff is nuts. A few of these new exercises make me feel VERY uncoordinated.

Adding in the protein shake after the workout yesterday seemed to really help keep my energy level up. I know that is sometimes the biggest issue when people start working out and eating “healthy” is that they are not getting enough protein. The chocolate shake Muscle Milk (you can get this at Costco cheaper and with a 1/2 lb more powder) with a teaspoon of Hershey’s syrup, a little bit of banana and ground flax is perfect. Also, pretty yummy, healthy and 26 grams of protein. Working on some new recipes for those so stay tuned. By the way, the easiest way to make sure I am actually doing this is to make it the night before, pour it in a Blender Bottle and pop it in the fridge. You need the protein intake within 30 minutes after a workout and that is fast, keeping you from having the hassle of making something. In a week or so, I think I will add another one in the afternoon.

Just bought trainer Bob’s yoga video. I think I am going to add this in a few days a week and use it on days when I am thinking I don’t want to exercise. I think I am going to try it today so I will let you know. He seems like a lot less scary than Jillian.

I’m just saying.

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