Days 14-16: 30 Day Shred With Jillian Michaels


OMG. It’s been a crazy four day weekend!

Thursday: I had obligated to help my mom early in the morning which extended into most of the day so I didn’t get a chance to work out until really late. I have found when I push off the workout until late, I continue to have issues with endurance and the volume of which I complete that late. Mental note, avoid that at all costs.

Friday: Up uber-early trying to get everyone packed for their various trips. Having to meet with Little Monkey’s dad for her visitation with him always stresses me out. If I thought about it logically, working out EARLY in the morning would have helped get rid of some of the stress. Obviously, logic wasn’t on the brain. Two hours later I pack out BF and Middle Monkey for a hunting trip. By then I am exhausted and still stressed but fortunately was meeting Psychobillygirl for a movie and try to forget some of the day. We saw It’s Complicated, very funny. Totally blew off working out that day.

Saturday: Slept late. Caught up on last season of U.S. of Tara, last season of Secret Diary of a Call Girl and some Psych. Took a nap in there somewhere. Grateful for time where its quiet and I am not required to do anything for anyone but REALLY miss the BF. Work out late again. This is when it sinks in, I will not do that again.

Sunday: Set the alarm for early, get up, get dressed and work out right away before doing anything. Feel winded but get through everything pretty well. Thinking of adding another video in after my workout with Jillian. Start researching some of my old favorites to see if they were released to DVD. More on that later. Still a ton to do and its not even 9 yet. SO glad I got the workout in early. ::big pat on the back::

Have a great week!

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