Day 13: 30 Day Shred with Jillian Michaels

So I screwed up my streak yesterday…I didn’t work out. ::GASP:: I felt like crap when I woke up and thought since even God rested, I can take every 13th day off. So there. I rested, stayed pretty still and woke up this morning thinking that I did not want to get out of bed. So you know what that means?

I am insane. Officially, need to be locked up. ::mental note to call Psychobillygirl for help::

I got up and exercised. Earlier, harder, even though I felt like crap. I am too afraid to go more than one day off because I am not sure I would get back at it. I am committed or need to be committed. I can’t figure out which one yet. OH! And some clarification…this is not a New Year’s Resolution (I don’t do those…still working my list of intentions) but actually the result of a conversation with my BF about a pair of shoes. I won’t disclose said conversation but the shoes are definitely at fault because they gave me an idea. So basically, while I blame Jillian for making me miserable each morning, this is really Kim Kardashian’s fault.

I will try to not gush about the shoes too much other than a few things that made me feel a great big WOW…beautifully packaged when I received them, two colors of tissue paper and a shoe bag for your new pair of super excellent shoes. Aside from a fab idea, you can choose your shoes or choose not to get one every month. I cleaned out my closet when I got them, threw out 15 pairs of my previously owned shoes to make room for many pairs from Shoe Dazzle to come. So yeah, thanks Kim. Jillian is going to make me spend money on bikinis and you on shoes…like I needed this! UGH.


I gave you my modified modifications last time and I have had a couple of questions regarding food. Over the last year, our whole house has made significant changes in our eating habits. We are trying to buy local as often as possible, severely restricting our red meat intake, fish at least twice a week, everything cooked from scratch that we can possibly handle. (This year my biggest project is learning the art of cooking bread and pastries.) One of my biggest changes has been that I now eat 5 or 6 times a day. This has been a huge boost for both how I feel and my energy levels. That being said, with working out more you have to up your intake of fuel and protein. I eat a ton of chicken and tuna but one of my favorite things is something my kids think is weird, I call it fridge salad.

It is so easy that you will use this as your go to thing. I think in America, we fall too much to stuff that goes in the microwave (and generally is NO GOOD for you. This is something that really requires very little prep and its whatever you have on hand. I do use greens when I have them but the run out or wilt so fast that I have come to use this as my preference. In this bowl I have put grape tomatoes, peeled baby carrots, green olives, walnuts, cranberries, crumbled Stilton cheese. When I have them, I chop a whole cucumber or bell pepper, add in chunks of chicken or grilled shrimp. My absolute favorite dressing is Paul Newman’s Family Italian and I use a tablespoon of that then splash on my own olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Good stuff, good fiber and will keep you full for hours. This also works with cereal in the morning if you want something healthy fast. I mix some Honey Nut Cherrios, some Fiber One, whatever flavor of Special K I have, adding in chopped pecans, cranberries and a spoon of zip code honey. YUM.

Have a fabulous day and make it count!

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  1. Arisha says:

    I felt the same when I skipped a day. I was scared if I missed more I would be sore again! God knows I don't want that =) Still proud of you for working out through being sick.

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