Day 10 and 11: 30 Day Shred with Jillian Michaels


Day 10:

woo hoooooooo! Never in a million friggin years did I think I would EVER GET THIS FAR! I have a very full day so I hit it early (actually for me its late because I usually get up at 4 AM) around 6 so I can get done and shower. We have errands, an outdoor show and a memorial service to attend so I won’t really have the opportunity to slow down for about 12 hours. For the first time in a while, I notice that it doesn’t bother me and my body doesn’t ache for all the running and going.

So I will say it. THANK YOU JILLIAN. (I actually mean it that time) I celebrate with a cheeseburger. (Just cause I think it would irritate the shit out of her) Go me. 🙂

Day 11:

Another wicked busy day. I am up around 6 but have other things to do now. Boyfriend and Middle Monkey are headed on a hunting trip Friday and Little Monkey goes to visit her dad for the weekend so it’s serious laundry time. I like to work ahead but the kids are perfectly willing to wait until the night before they leave to wash and pack. None of that since there’s three people headed out on Friday. Leave at 10 for church, back around 1, cook, eat with the family, sort through camping and hunting gear instead of taking a nap like I wanted to.

FYI, working out on your period really sucks.

I mean, its annoying on many levels but it has helped me from most of the issues I would normally have. Still running a bit of a fever but it pretty much feels like working out does so no big deal. Despite a long list I developed by 4 PM of why I WOULD NOT WORK OUT JUST ONE DAY, I do it any way. Fuck it. I don’t even know why I fight the urge any more. I am gonna do it and in part because I know if I take one day off, I will probably convince myself to take two. At that point, it will probably be ridiculously hard to get started again. Can’t let that happen. I am looking at bikinis after all!

I know some folks do the 10-10-10 method. Maybe it works for someone that really doesn’t have far to go. I am not a weight lifter, I am not a runner, and my knees are still clickety clack when I put stress on them. I think 30 days on each level is just going to work better for me. I don’t want to tear anything. Around day 15, I might try to mix it up a bit by trying level 2 again, but for the most part now, I am concentrating on form and trying to get my exercises to at least mirror what the person in the modified position on the video is doing (remember I am modifying the modified position…lol).


All abs: Jillian shrieks “Your neck is not invited to this party!” No shit, but sometimes, its like that asshole roommate that just “happens” to show up every where you do on a Saturday night. For me, I have to do ad exercises with my hands on my stomach. I look at the ceiling and concentrate on contracting my abs and lifting my chest up towards the ceiling on a crunch. I use my hands to actually feel my muscles contract and make this work. I don’t know why, but any time I am told to put my hands behind my neck or on my head for crunches, somehow I always pull with my neck and strain myself. Weird, but just something I have learned to adapt to work for me.

Jumping exercises: I am able to do all the jumping jacks now (who wouldn’t with Jillian bellowing “400 lb people can do this”…what choice do I have) but it still kills my knees. She has too more jumping/hopping type exercises and I have not progressed to being able to do them all the way through without pain. For her butt kick, instead of hopping from foot to foot, I alter by doing it from ball of my foot on one site to ball of my foot on the other side, kicking myself in the butt with a back kick, just eliminating the jump that is harsh on my knees. For the jump rope, I do the upper body move as she asks but either do the butt kick with my legs as I have modified it or run in place. Both are less painful on my knees that are still clicking. Hopefully by the end of 30 days that will have improved.

Push ups: I have now progressed to doing three of these on each set of reps in the modified pose. I proceed with the remainder by just being on my knees and going through the push up motion with my upper body only. This can be done against the wall as well until you build up enough strength to start doing the push ups. Eleven days ago, I couldn’t do one push up in the modified position, now I can do three very shaky ones. I am excited to see what Day 30 brings! Woot!

As a result of Jillian’s workout infection, my arms are now killing me.

Way to go Jillian! (I don’t really mean that one…I am bitter and angry about my new toned arms).

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