Day 7: 30 Day Shred with Jillian Michaels


I am officially infected.

I put off working out to run errands and I am in Kroger to pick up stuff and hear Jillian in my head saying:

JM: What the fuck are you doing?

QOTU: Well I thought when I took Little Monkey to school and was already…

JM: Stop right the fuck there. First mistake, thinking on your own. Second mistake, not submitting to the zombie virus. You will now be punished with bleeding eye sockets and explosive diarrhea.

QOTU: ::quickly head to the pharmacy for Visine and Imodium::

Okay, so I am working on a blog for saving money for all my friends that can use it but I have to stop everything, put away the fridge stuff and run to the DVD player to work out in hopes of lessening the severity of my symptoms my sloth has generated. Bravely, I think, oh, I am feeling it, let’s try level 2! Woot!

WTF ever. This was stupid. I am still in modified modified positions in level one so half way through the warm up in level two I realize there’s no way in God’s green earth I am gonna get through this. Disc menu, Level 1, proceed. Thank you.

I am sure that was my punishment. Reminding me I am still barely a tadpole in the Jillian Michaels pool.

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