Day 2: 30 Days with Jillian Michaels


I did it.

I got up and did it a second day in a row. I think its possible that Jillian has figured out how to infect my mind with some zombie workout virus that compels you to go through the motions, even if you don’t feel liked it AT ALL. Yesterday, I was hurting by noon and certain I wouldn’t be the least bit interested in getting up. Okay, so I still wasn’t interested in rolling out of bed but a funny thing happened:

I did it.

Yesterdays attempt with 5 lb weights cause I couldn’t find our 2 lb weights, bad idea. I grab two 16 oz Progresso soups this time from the pantry (hey, better than nothing) and get on it. First strength exercise HURTS, have to put down the cans even and just go through the motion (thanks a lot 5 lb weights) but the rest I can accomplish. I still have to modify the modified position but I notice when I am into the second set of three intervals I realize I AM ALMOST DONE!


Still having an issue with the cooling down and I head to the front porch with my Cheerios and flax seed. The old man cat decides to join me. Trim the leaves on plants that will be wintering on the porch and sweep off the leaves my neighbors overgrown Bradford Pears deposited at my front door during the last storm. Walk around the block with the boyfriend to stretch the legs. Halfway home I remember my free sample of Philosophy’s Gingerbread man shower gel arrived yesterday. YES! Small victories deserve small rewards. Flip the laundry around, eat a banana and hit the shower.

Something is wrong here, you see this? Way too productive before 9 am on New Years Day. Zombie workout virus I swear.

I hate her a little less today but I still think she’s a bitch.

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