Little Monkey Says

Recently, I became acutely aware of the wisdom contained in the little body that her soul inhabits. After picking up monkeys from all parts in which they were scattered across the kingdom, we were howling in laughter over some nerd based joke no one else would probably get. The specifics of it escape me and it was not so much that we make strange nerd jokes or references most people wouldn’t understand, it was her REACTION to such:

Queen: Geeze, we are so weird.

Little Monkey: We aren’t weird, we are special.

(further big belly laughs in the car)

So, apparently weird time has taken up so much time that now we are classified altogether differently. I think this is good right? I try to foster a sense of wonder and imagination, even in our highly cynical and scientific household. We enjoy each other’s company and preserve our family tradition as well as Fort Knox was once guarded.

Man, it’s a good day to be a mom!

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