I finally got around to starting the picture load from pride parade. Eventually they will make it on my Facebook and if I can figure out how to tweet them, will do that too. Just have to say, this is definitely a queen after my own heart:

And I am a ridiculously open minded person but WTF is this:

The crowds are always fun:

And bless the best boyfriend in the world who loves my monkeys and my crazy friends…MUAH!

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  1. Was that the Pride parade here? I looked for you guys, but had a hard time seeing the whole thing. I didn't have a great vantage point. A lot of fun, though!

  2. Yep, the church is usually one of the first few slots, I think we were number 6 this year. You should WALK with us next year…:) It was crazy packed, like I am thinking more folks than in previous years.

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