What’s up Dalllllaaaassss? Are you ready to Rock?

I admit to being a music nerd. Okay, okay, a sci-fi nerd, a movie nerd, a history nerd, well and the list goes on. Suffices to say, I am pretty decent on some Trivial Pursuit catagories and can kick Scene It ass like you just don’t even know.I am an original music pirate. I can remember sitting many hours in front of a radio, cassette tape recorder in hand, trying to get a better and more complete recording of Rapper’s Delight. I squirreled away every quarter I could until I had enough for my first album, Off The Wall. Man, those were the days.

I have been doing the concert thing for a long time, since well, I am pretty freaking old. My first concert was when I was 16, to see The Boss for Born in the USA. It was in a soccer stadium in Frankfurt, West Germany in the 80s. I can’t in retrospect, even describe what that was like. I have been to some disappointing ones (ZZ Top in Germany) and some stellar ones (Green Day and surprisingly, Jonas Brothers both in Dallas) so I have a wide range of memories to choose from. Tonight was impressive even by those standards and one was a band I never heard of. Yeah really. All Time Low. Cute kids but tons of polish and man, the lead knows how to shake his money maker. They had everyone in the crowd moving and yelling. Everyone. Seriously even old people. I haven’t seen someone work a room like that since the last time I was in a room with Billy Joe. Really cool stuff. Cobra Starship is an experience. If you haven’t seen them, you need to SEE them, not just hear a CD. They are a multi-cultural, multi-influence fun fest. And OMG. I never get enough muther fuckin Snakes on a muther fuckin Plane. And then, what seperates the men from the boys, the amatures from us music of all kind lovers. 50 Cent. Vitamin Water genius. I think I might pee myself. In retrospect that would have been less painful but today as I run through the required tasks, noticing my sore muscles from all the jumping up and down. Totally worth it though. Middle Monkey was mortified because I told her that I was going to start yelling “I love Vitamin Water!” when he came on stage. I thought it would be funny. She didn’t agree. Fall Out Boy was great as usual and I have long loved their socially conscious message. Pete is an experience to behold and though had many great quotes to share, I have settled on my favorite. When speaking of true love, he comments “true love will follow you to Hell. True love will follow you, get hot, get naked and have a dance party with you.”

I don’t care who you are, that’s good shit. LOL

If you have a choice this year between a CD and live tickets, pick the live show and remind yourself how great is to feel passionately about something. Now if I can find a way to squeeze in the Beastie Boys, my life would be complete! LIFE IS GOOD!

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  1. Wes Monroe says:

    Funny, you’d think ZZ would a be nice tight fit for that serious crowd…

  2. LOL…u so funny…:)

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