Monkey Speak


In the continuing adventures of Little Monkey, I learn she knows how to exit from a conversation she doesn’t want to be in now both quickly and with really big words:

Queen: …so they are putting in hearing aids that are kind of like microphones for the ears, it will amplify sounds for him, does that make sense?

Little Monkey: Yes

Judgemental Monkey: Do you know how hearing works in your ear?

Little Monkey: Nope, but it sounds terribly scientific to me, blah, blah, blah.

(Car full of belly laughs.)

Speaking of Monkey Speak, say hi to Middle Monkey who is jumping in with both feet here in blogtopia. You will see her commenting here from time to time as Red Leader to illustrate how ridculously nerdy we are.

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  1. hehehehehe….she is prolly one of the most astute little monkeys I’ve ever met. cracks me up!

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