Why I Get Up In The Morning

I know what you are thinking. Really, you get up because of your job, your wonderful kids, your alarm clock. I swear, I have gotten up everyday for the last two and a half years because of this little ball of feline wonder. Meet Jack, son of the Devil Cat. This picture doesn’t quite reflect how big his mouth really is. He is meowing in this picture…and no, I am not kidding. Yes, while normal people have cats that barely make a peep when they express their need for cat food or chasing birds in the back yard, Jack opens his mouth wide and sounds like he uses a bull horn. This is why I get up every morning. Because I don’t have a fucking choice.


Okay, so I love him, that’s why I keep him. But still. Damn he has a big mouth.

So much has graced the cyber pages, I thought I show you some interesting bits you may have missed with all your celebrating…

We ::sobbing:: said good bye to Bettie Page. The day I realized I was a Bettie rather than a Barbie was liberating. She will be missed but hopefully very ill-behaved women like us can keep her memory alive for generations to come.

You will be glad to be privy to the rant my family got on this subject. Eddie Murphy as the Riddler? UGH. I am PISSED OFF. I was so irritated about this story when I heard it on my local morning show that morning. Of course we all thought the role would go to Johnny Depp, which seemed like it would make sense in the way these newer films have been dark, but what the hell? AND Eddie is just too old, I am sorry. To make matters worse, after SWEARING they werent going to muck up the Bale Batman movies with a Robin, they have cast none other than the booze swilling, Walgreens loitering Shia Lebeouf. Now I already have to buy Shia in Indy roles and Transformer roles but who is his agent sleeping with that he now get associated with this franchise? BLECH. I think this is a scary direction to head, even if Christopher Nolan is still directing. Its being reported that Rachel Wiess is Catwoman which might work (she shouldn’t have been left out of the most recent Mummy) but how they are going to avoid this looking like a Joel Schumaker fiasco is beyond me. If Eddie Murphy plays multiple roles in fat suits, thats it, I’m out and I am asking for the price of my ticket back.


And last but not least, for those of you that can never get enough Da Vinci Code (me for one).

And now, all about me…YEAH! ::jumps up and down clapping::

WOW…it’s 2009. I think I blinked and missed a lot of it. Time flies while you are having too much fun I guess. My NaNoWriMo effort got completely circumvented by work drama but I vow to try again this year. I will conquer that monster. The holidays went by way to fast with a healthy sprinkle of family drama, but that too is now fading as I look at it through the bottom of my glass. I generally fail to make resolutions because lets face it, resolutions fail. I try to look at this time of year as setting new intentions for my year. For whatever reason, that’s what seems to work for me. This year, it was an easier list than ever:

1. Start a running program
2. Visit Alaska
3. Get my teaching certification
4. Run a half marathon
5. Cook more for my family
6. Enjoy the time more that I have with my growing-to-fast-teens
7. Take dancing lessons
8. Find time to write more
9. Schedule more time with friends, fit in family in what time is left

I could go on and on. Personal growth, better organizational skills, cooking classes and jumping out of the plane I didn’t get to last year. But, I am trying to pace myself…LOL


(oh and just to make RandomRage crazy, I am back to changing my template!)

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Paul says:

    You’re back! !yayayayayayayaayyayayayayayayayaya

  2. So very glad I was missed…:)

  3. RandomRage says:

    Welcome back! The Batman rumors are still unconfirmed at this point, with about as much weight as the rumors that Steve Carrell would be playing the Joker in “The Dark Knight”, so I wouldn’t be too worried.Have you watched Doctor Who series 4 yet? It’s pretty good, one of the strongest of the new series (except maybe for 2). I’m excited my favorite writer Stephen Moffat will be taking over the show for series 5…but bummed that it won’t start until 2010…IN ENGLAND.

  4. Roxy Katt says:

    You’re back! Good!So! There’s going to be a new catwoman, eh? I hope she wears a proper catsuit instead of just some shredded leather pants or something.My cat used to wake me up by just walking around my head, almost stepping on it, as if to say “oh! You’re up, are you? Well, fancy that! Don’t mind me — dum de dum de dum …”Roxy Katt

  5. Roxy-don’t they all do that? It’s weird. It’s like some early morning cat dance I didn’t know was a thing but apparently is…Random-I hope Steve is still an option, I think he would put an amazing spin on it. Bet everyone will watch the Oscars to make a decision on if the utter freakiness of Heath’s performance will make a change in the casting.New Doc is way young and rumored to have put an entirely new spin on the role. Rumor on that is that he will be amazing. I love them all and have watched every season since the very first Doc (Peter Davidson being my fav but I do own a Tom Baker scarf). I am confident they know what they are doing.

  6. hehehe… thanks for the shout out!you know what my immediate plans are, but I just know it’s gonna be an A-Maz-Ing (3 words!) year.

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