Darn Right, Main Streeters!

Dad-I apologize how much you won’t like the things I say here, but come one, you gotta admit she’s not the sharpest ice pick in the igloo. (you like that folks? see I can pull a Palin and give a well placed shout out at any time too!)

Since you may not know me well, I will let you know that politics is a spectator sport for my family so all of us, in the room, online and via text have been eating this up tonight.


Where to start.

To quote Little Brother, I am gonna do this Biden style, “bullet point, bullet point, bullet point.”

* Middle Monkey points out immediately that Gwen’s jacket looks like it was made with a bedspread from La Quinta.

* Dude, she started pointing at him when she got upset…kinda bad form but what do I know, I live in a town with 6,145,037 people, I’m not not running a state of less than 700,000. Maybe that plays well in Chickaloon?

* Why is she only referencing McCain’s experience? OH YEAH, I FORGOT…

* I take serious offence to the characterization of middle America as “Joe Six Packs”…the beer I drink is WAY to expensive to come in six packs with plastic rings holding it together. Good God woman!

* Good call for Joe correcting her on the Barack vote where he voted the same as McCain and reminding her she didn’t answer the question…BOOYAH.

* Good call for Joe reminding everyone of the ridiculous tax breaks that oil companies continue to get with support from the right wing freaks in this country.

* NICE! Sarah sounds the “kill foreign aid” bell that Repubs love to throw around but use to buy favors and influence everyday around the world, secretly, in back room deals with third world countries, just like it should be, 1940’s style. And, as the wealthiest nation in the world aren’t we still spending less than 3% of our budget on that? ::shrugs shoulders::

* Lets be clear, Dems support no further Federal intervention in civil unions…Repubs want to outlaw gay marriage. Big difference…even though you would like to make it seem similar, Ms. Big-Giant-Flag-Pin-Wearing Palin.

* Pointing out said pin, Monkeys Middle and Judgemental ask, with all that bling, where’s her grill and her medallion?

* OMG did she just say the “Talibany” is in Iraq? That’s officially the new boogie man in this house. Be good kids or the Talibany will come get you!

* What’s with the conservative accent Monkeys ask? Again with the nuclear? Did no one cover that in the briefing?

* I think she called the leaders of Cuba the “Castrol Brothers”…

* Good point Joe, no difference in the McCain position and the Bush Administration.

* Middle Monkey serves another great point, she is a cheerleader for McCain. That’s why he picked her.

* Okay, really, a shout out to the third graders back home? I thought the pointing was bad form but I am thinking that is kinda tacky. Of course if they are registered voters in Alaska, more power to her for the rally of the troops.

UPDATE: Great point by Brandon that I forgot to mention, it’s not MCCLELLAN…

Seriously, I could do this all night. I don’t like her, not one bit. My advise to Sarah? Go run the Iditarod bitch…there is some serious shit to be done here and NOW, especially NOW, I have no confidence AT ALL you can run this country when McCain is compromised. In fact, it scares the hell out of me that you would get that chance.

Pre-debate blogging by Middle Monkey was note-worthy as well…(yes, I am so proud):

Let me enlighten you on why Sarah Palin is totally ill equipped to help John McCain run this country.

1) She’s conservative! Very large character flaw, right there.

2) She’s the governor of Alaska. Alaska! Population of: 670,053.

How the hell is she going to govern 305,318,288 people?
She might be a very nice woman.

I’m not sure, I’ve never met her.

But she is already waaay in over her head.

3) She is completely ignorant on obviously important issues in the United States today.

Case in point: Katie Couric’s interview.

She doesn’t read newspapers?
She’s going to be the Vice President of the United States and she doesn’t even read her LOCAL newspapers?

I, as a 15 year old Sophomore, know more about important Supreme Court Decisions than Sarah Palin.

I am more qualified to be the Vice President than she is.

Even if she wasn’t the VP nominee, as a WOMAN she should know those things.

She doesn’t have a stand on the Roe v.
Wade decision?


I am going to run for president as soon as I turn 35.

Because obviously people right now have no idea what is going on.

Fuck, you guys…
I feel so helpless to fix things.

But I’m gonna.

This election has inspired me to change the world.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. gingatao says:

    Vote 1 Middle Monkey, yaya. Change the world.

  2. Roxy Katt says:

    Didn’t see the debate, but heard her earlier on the CBC this week. Yeah, she knows about the Russians, because Alaska is next door to Russia.So it stands to reason that since Alaska is next door to Canada she knows all about Canada.So as a Canadian, I’m reassured. And let’s be glad she’s not from Hawaii, because, what is that next to?Roxy Katt

  3. gingatao says:

    Hello, I miss you and your writing and you too.

  4. That post made me smile ;)Missed reading your posts! Glad I’m back.

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