So far away but I can see

Whats supposed to be the other half

It is he

Over there I see the shore

But I am here

And not sure what for

A boat I have for my play

But can’t catch a wave

Or break today

The thing that brings the wind

Eludes me still

But I pray to send

The thing that makes a ring

Moves this forward

With hope it brings

But here I stand

So far from there

All I want is to hold his hand

The journey is what this is about

Wait we must

And go without

But journey and wait are one the same

So painful

But wait is what’s to blame

So I wait for the wave

That lifts my boat

Drifts into the arms I crave

One Comment Add yours

  1. gingatao says:

    That is a lovely rolling poem, like the waves it describes, the rhythm and rhyme carry the reader forward. And the poem itself will work to connect the two of you in thought.

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