Funny Little Monkey

At the breakfast table:

Little Monkey says-I wish you could just write so you don’t have to go do real work.

A chuckle from me and:

QOTU-Honey, writing is real work.

An exasperated sigh and:

Little Monkey says-I know but this you could do from HOME so we can do fun stuff in the afternoons.

I agree, fun afternoons would be nice…

2 Comments Add yours

  1. gingatao says:

    Cool, the little one knows. The writing part is the easy part and you are easily good enough at it to do it for a living. It’s all the other stuff, finding a paying market, getting read blahdiddy blah that’s hard. But it’s possible, more now than ever before with interwebbery. And you rock! so it will be easier for you than most other people. Listen to the little one,

  2. ::bows graciously to the wise one::I am going to make a go of it…we will see what havoc I can wreak and what wonderful things come of it!:)

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