this week in history…

Wow. So this week I turn 40. Weird. I can remember my parents turning 40 and it was no big deal but now I am the parent. I haven’t quite figured out what it means to me but I know it’s prompted a significant amount of self-reflection. I haven’t decided if that’s cliche or totally expected. I have been working to change some things in my life since I passed the 39 year old hump and realized I didn’t like the the things I saw. I had things I wanted to experience, people still to meet, places to go and foods to try. I settled too much in my relationship, my job, my personal development that I no longer recognized the person I became nor was I willing to let my kids believe that was an acceptable life path. You always want better for your kids but how often do you mirror what you expect them to do with their lives? Compromise is good. Completely letting the world wear you down is not. Hopefully they are learning lessons from me as I go and not waiting until they are 40 to figure out this craziness.



So, I had the foresight to put in for this week off work several months ago. I wasn’t sure what I would be doing but I knew sitting at my desk at work just seemed less important than that particular milestone should be. I had no idea all the things life would throw at me after that or how they all would line up to bring me to this wonderful week. I am so thankful that my time will be spent quietly with a wonderful soul that I love deeply.

Life is good. Even at the ripe old age of 40. 🙂

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  1. gingatao says:

    Woohoo, congratulations for everything, reaching the prime of your life which is everyday of course but especially forty, for being such a fantastic mother, for being alive and questing and wise, for being loved and loving and most importantly congratulations on being you,and Hahahahahahahppy Birthdayayayayaya!!

  2. La Lunatique says:

    Honey you’re just getting better and better. You deserve this good life…embrace it…enjoy it. Happy Birthday!!

  3. Older and wiser babe!!Happy Birthday 😀

  4. Tina Trivett says:

    ah, a milestone I just came to myself. It surely is a time for reflection & correction. I'm doing the same thing. I have already begun to try things I have just longed to…so sad I waited 40 years.Happy Birthday! Enjoy your 40's!

  5. gingatao says:

    It must have been a hell of a party, you have been missing for a while. Drink lots of water. We miss you.

  6. Many thanks to you all and we managed to take virtually NO pictures…we are dorks…LOLBut yes, loads of water Ginga, I am getting back on track now…hehehe

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