Not in a Catholic High School, you won’t!

Judgmental Monkey has been working hard this summer on a local theater company production of “Narnia”. He’s learning great things, making new friends and pushing himself out of his comfort zone. This is one of those times when I can say I am SO proud to be his mom. I went to opening day with the girl monkeys, Little Sis and Psychobillygirl. (note to self, we should never be allowed to sit in a row together again, particularly with me in the middle.) This is also one of those times that I can say I am SO sorry for him that he is in this family…ROTFLMAO.

Little Sis “Why the hell does Aslan look like Alice Cooper?”

Queen ::repeats via whispers to Psychobillygirl, promptly begin to laugh hysterically out loud::

Aslan ::starts singing very serious song::

Trio of harpies ::starts singing ‘Schools Out For Summer’::

Queen ::hands grasped so tightly across her mouth that she cannot breathe so subsequently gasps for air, LOUDLY.:: “OMG you guys, we are gonna go to hell for this…but really, he’s the main character, shouldn’t his costume be better?”

Psychobillygirl “He is really more of a Bob Marley zombie.”

Queen ::repeats via whispers to Little Sis, again, more laughing::

Girl Monkeys “Ssssshhhh, you are embarrassing us. What is so funny?”

Little Sis ::repeats via whispers to Middle Monkey who proceeds to laugh out loud::

Psychobillygirl “Now that I think of it, his mane kinda looks like Dee Snyders hair from Twisted Sister.” ::feels necessary to illustrate this with belting out a Twisted Sister song:

Back row of losers ::raucous laughter inappropriately when the lion is going to be killed::

Queen “We are so gonna get thrown out of this place.”

Psychobillygirl “NOW I HAVE IT, it’s the lions costume from the Wiz!”

Queen ::nearly pukes laughing so hard and trying to hold it in::

Back row of losers ::quickly degenerate into heckling fools laughing at inappropriate moments and pondering how an actual zombie, vampire and some wretched very large woman in purple with green hair get written into a story paralleling the Crucifixion::

SERIOUSLY, be forewarned. You can NOT take us any where. Okay, well, any where you have NO intentions of having any fun. It’s so much fun being a role model, DAMN I love this stuff…:)

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  1. gingatao says:

    That is wicked. You are doing a wonderful job as a rolemodel. Confabulate the hypocritical, yayaya. And you know psychobillygirl. Cool, say hello from me,

  2. Yes, and La Lunatique…me thinks you should make a trip up to this blog-heaven and hang out with us a while…:)

  3. I just nearly blew iced chai latte through my nose when I read this!!! It’s maybe even funnier reading about it and remembering… lmao

  4. gingatao says:

    That would be riot. I would have to sit very quietly in the back seat. The three of you together would be far too scary for me.

  5. You so have a spot saved in the back seat…muhhhhhaaaahhhhh!

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