You need to relax


“Good evening.”

cocks head to the side because this is truly odd monkey behavior for when I return from slaying dragons all day.

“Good evening Little Monkey.”

“Here, this is for you.”

presents two 3″ x 5″ note cards taped together that say:

Spa Treatment Services
Gift Card $200
Schedule today at 817-xxx-xxxx (insert Little Monkey’s cell number here)

“Wow, thanks.”

“You have to call for an appointment.”

“Ok. Is it necessary for me to call you if I am in the same room with you?”

“Yes. You have to schedule.”

picks up phone and calls

“Thank you for calling the treatment center, this is Little Monkey, would you like to schedule services?”

“Yes, massage and manicure please.”

“Okay, you are on the schedule. Call again soon.”

hangs up cell

“When do we get started?”


“Tomorrow? I just called and scheduled!”

“Oh, you have to call from work to schedule if you want services the same day.”

mouth hangs open as Little Monkey sashays out of the room

Yeah, no kidding. As an update, spa treatments have been updated today to include fresh squeezed lemonade. WTF you ask? Me too. We were nerds growing up and played school. I even came up with the GENIUS idea to tape record lessons so I could force my sister to sit still and do the work without me actually having to stay in the room. I KNOW, awesome right? So I can’t figure out if this is because I take her to get her $10 polish change occasionally or if I just really look like I need it. Guess it doesn’t really matter…funny though, what kids perceive.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. gingatao says:

    What a wonderful child.

  2. OMG… she is absolutely hysterical! God, I love that kid.

  3. Tina Trivett says:

    Cute! Kids are a mess nowadays, aren’t they?…lol

  4. She’s unique, that’s for sure!

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