Over my Shoulder

Time stands still and I wait for it to catch up,
Looking over my shoulder, trying to decide if it’s following me or hiding away.
I want to grab it, hold it in my hand, slow it, seize it,
Somehow tame it.
It has left so many soul scars and calling cards around my eyes,
I wonder if it will recognize me when it catches up.
This is the best time, I want to embrace the walk,
I want it to exist closer, trusting that I will take care with it’s fragile wings.
I didn’t know before if you held tightly it crumbles.
I didn’t know if you looked back too much for it, it would become hard to see.
With patience I sorely lack, I will wait for it to catch up,
I will beg, on my knees to God, to make it walk slowly.
I promise to treat it gingerly now, so I can drink it all in.

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