Life is Good

It’s strange to think that when it seems too early for some things, they really show up right on time. This weekend marked the eighth annual celebration of little monkey’s arrival in this lifetime. I was blessed to share it with some special people, including one that I had not seen in twenty something years. I have thought of little else but him since July 6th when I was awakened by a dream I didn’t quite understand. It is both comforting and scary the things you know when you are young. I didn’t know a lot but I knew things about myself, what I liked, what I needed, what would make me happy, that life managed to systematically crush out of every part of me. I didn’t understand any of that at the time, but, I did know things. It seems so foreign to have someone know every part of who I am and who I was and be completely accepting of that. I feel like I am still dreaming.

I want to figure out how to help my kids both trust their instincts AND make rational choices. Geeze. No problem right? UGH. I am hoping I lead by example because God knows, I don’t always know the right way to do something. I am trying to listen to what that small part of my soul that stopped speaking loudly a long time ago has to say. My greatest wish for birthdays and beyond is that they all learn to have faith that time can heal all pain and bring extraordinary joy sometimes at the same time. The key is being awake to see it happen. Man, I am so ready for this.

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  1. gingatao says:

    Yayaya, happy birthday, tiny monkey! Instinct and rationality that will be difficult but if anyone can you can. You’re back, woohoo, helloooo,

  2. Be very confident… you ARE ready!and happy birthday!

  3. ::bows to my honored guests::I think I am too old to go through both figuring out why the hell I am on this planet and falling back in love with someone my heart always loved BUT I must say, if nothing else, it’s VERY interesting. :)Thanks for sticking around!

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