WTF is the purpose of a gnat?


So I head to my car, the sun is barely up and my car is wet and covered in a family of gnats that decided that was their spa destination vacation. I am watching them, completely grossed out, partying like rockstars in the droplets. I recall a recent walk around the block with two girl monkeys in which we were mobbed by said rockstars and were picking them off us like the gorillas at that the zoo. This begs the questions, what the fuck is the purpose of the gnat? I mean I get the whole circle of life crap but really? And the way its pronounced? Really, they should be called G Nats and have a group or a posee or something. They are just so annoying…almost so much that it conquers my absurd ant phobia. Yeah, really. If there is an ant in the effing room, it bites me. UGH.


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  1. hehehehe…. it’s a good thing you didn’t see the ant that was crawling on me last night! It was fierce…I think I got it before it got me though.

  2. gingatao says:

    Ha, I have often thought the same about mosquitoes. What for? G-nats, haha,

  3. I hate everything that crawls!!!!!! Love ur blog! 🙂

  4. ah…many thanks for your visit, i am humbled.::bows graciously::

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