Devil Cats Rock

Nothing like being greeted at the back door at 5:45 AM by a talkative ghetto cat and a dead rattlesnake. Not exactly what I thought I would be doing when I let the dogs out but definitely better than coffee to wake you up quickly.
Masa is a rescued scrappy ghetto cat that lived a previous life in a industrial manufacturing yard, surviving on leftovers and the kindness of undocumented workers. At the time, she was skinny as a rail with noticeable signs of abuse. From a couple of places she has been burned and hair won’t go grow back to a broken back from being kicked or thrown, she is certainly been a survivor. The latter resulted in her last couple of vertebrae being crushed so her tail no longer can wag or raise. She came to live with us until we could find a home for her (I am already over loaded with two dogs and two old cats of my own) and so far, no takers. Compounding matters, she quickly enlarged to five times her original size because she was pregnant. We thought for sure they would not be born alive or at the least without serious problems. As luck would have it, as I am stepping on a flight to Chicago, a call comes from Judgemental Monkey (a whopping 14 years old at the time) who proceeds to deliver four furry things and save the life of the runt that almost didn’t make it. (Jack is pretty, but not real smart and I had to rescue him again, six months later when he decided to jump in the jacuzzi tub full of water and couldn’t swim…geeze).

The two girl cats were adopted right away but homes for Masa and her twin boys Jack and Harvey have eluded us. I can’t keep them but I can’t drop them in a shelter, at their ages (4 yrs and 2 yrs respectively) they will not likely be adopted. The expanding financial crisis in our country is also resulting in massive numbers of animals left in abandon homes or dropped off at shelters, all over the country.

Masa would be great as a companion for someone that has no other animals (she doesn’t care for pets, she only really likes people) and the boys are so much fun but will be HARD to separate. (They sleep in a yin yang pattern and bathe each other still). Please give me a shout if you know someone that would be a good candidate for any of them. They have been raised as good liberals and I would like them to go to a house of the same…:)

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