Middle Monkey is all grown up now!


This MySpace bulletin greeted me this morning:

Boys are STOOPID.

Like, the kind of stupid you have to spell wrong.


Hit me up.

I am so proud! She finally figured out what I have been trying to explain to her since puberty…hehehe. I wish I learned that at her age.

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  1. La Lunatique says:

    brilliant child that one ~ I’m gonna have to steal that line

  2. Middle Monkey says since you are so cool, you are free to quote it at any time…:)

  3. gingatao says:

    Yep. I am a boy and I am so stoopid it took me twenty years to realise every woman I meet is quicker, smarter and funnier than me. Life is a lot better now I figured that out. You have got great kids. They take after their mum that way.

  4. Ah, but you hide your stoopid behind the beautiful writing…:)

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