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This morning I offer you the most important stuff that you must not miss…

Over at VetVoice they remind us that there is a pending VA investigation. Too much comes across in the news and it’s easy to get pushed to the side. Do you know anyone that is a Veteran that is using or has used a VA hospital? Check the list and forward their link to any one you know that may have one of the listed senarios. It’s important that they gain as much info as possible.

My heart breaks today for Tina and her willingness to share. For those of you that know of what she speaks, please offer her your love and support. She will need it so she can give that to her baby. She offers us peace and light everyday so it’s time to give that back.

I ADORE the PostSecret project and have a book that I received as a gift. I was so happy to find that they have a weekly posting on line as well since I just can’t get enough. There is something poetic about truth.

The week is almost over! Be good and love each other out there. PEACE!

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  1. gingatao says:

    Tina’s poem is simply brilliant. She is an amazing poet and this one just rips at your soul. And you’re right she is also a wonderful gracious giving human being and I pray everything turns out okay.

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