Joe Lieberman is a Tool


After many moons away, I am opting to jump back into my old Sunday morning routine. I was so sad that I cried over Tim’s untimely passing but I still turn on the TV, because it’s just what I do on Sundays. Imagine my surprise when flipping through, I find Lieberman campaigning in favor of McCain. What an ass. I already have an issue with McCain forgetting what his own party did to him in South Carolina, but come on Joe, you were one of MINE. It’s insulting.

This is just like Young and the Restless…for those of us that have been around TOO long, aren’t you just a bit confused about how exactly Michael is now an upstanding citizen after being a stalking freak? Or how about former stripper Nicki? Or even Victor that held what’s her name in his “dungeon” in the basement? Crazy. Now I understand why politics is such a soap opera…

Fortunately, they had General Clark to balance things out. Now my affinity for both Clark and Obama is well known, but Lieberman makes me crazy when he starts listing all the potential consequences of leaving Iraq (this translates into fear, fear, fear).

I just have one thing to say…stop trying to sell me your bullshit. I am a military brat. I was a military dependant and I went through hell before my life was turned upside down, crushed, and given back to me in a pile to put back together alone. I have a degree in Government, I have been a delegate for county and state many times and a national delegate in 2004 to Boston. I have worked in campaigns and I have run them. I am working on a Master’s Degree and will go on to teach the things I know. This is what your bullshit can’t cover:

Everyone knows that lies got us into this mess and that the administration willing sold Powell down the river to get what they wanted.

The only weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East are owned by the US.

There was no plan to ensure the political, diplomatic and economic stability in the region.

There was no exit strategy.

There was no plan to take care of families back home or soldiers when they got in trouble.

There is no plan for ensuring the soldiers futures or transition to civilian life.

Dick is really Darth Vader.

Now McCain is giving lame excuses of why he doesn’t support expanded education benefit to veterans. Are you afraid that expanded knowledge base within the armed services will mean people will tell you their opinion? That more will push the bounds of hierarchy and say hell no, I am not leading men and women into that? How can you be against educating people willing to die for this country?

It doesn’t make sense.

You know what else doesn’t make sense? The dismal percentage of registered voters that show up to vote on election day. This country routinely posts less than a 30% turn out for elections. WHY ARE YOU LETTING 30% OF THIS COUNTRY DECIDE WHAT HAPPENS TO US? If you don’t vote, you can’t bitch. If you do nothing I ever ask of you this year, consider this my one thing worth doing.

Embrace your right to BITCH. Get off your couch, volunteer for a candidate and show up to vote. We need everyone, everywhere. If you aren’t registered, do so NOW. I care and work so you have the right to do whatever the hell you want. My biggest wish this year is that you decide to help me out a bit but getting involved and getting out the vote.

Embrace your right to BITCH. Oh, and consider sending Joe a message and tell him why he is such a tool…

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  1. Tina Trivett says:

    Good article. :)Too bad about them Dawgs huh?

  2. I know, so sad…:(Me and the monkeys will be back and living in Savannah in a couple of years and they are already talking about getting their own UGA.

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