This is the BEST week of my life…


Of course, I am projecting here. It’s halfway over anyway so trying to make the last part swing upwards is not foolish is it? Maybe I am foolish but trying is better than sitting back and accepting failure. I’m not good with giving up. I suck at it actually. Maybe I need a lesson, anyone good at that? It makes me sick to think of it, resolving to walk away from a damn good fight…

So many moons have passed since the laughter,
Foreign as it struggles past my pride to exit.
Is it strained to those outside my head,
Those that can not feel the cringe inside my skin.
Still, I try,
I laugh and send those sounds to angels.
Still, I cry,
Seeing those tears have no where to go.
It must be tomorrow, when I wake full of dread,
That I let these things pass.
It must be hope, that visits me that day,
When I feel that sound escape my lips.
Tomorrow has the sound that I must embrace.


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  1. nice verse. sounds pretty balanced to me, then again, I’m not the most insightful of person today so I could have missed the point entirely…hopeful at least?

  2. I’m trying…what to do with an anniversary when there is no more to celebrate? UGH. My plan is to get up insanely early and watch Craig Ferguson episodes. That will FORCE me to laugh…

  3. I could sing you a song and do the truffle shuffle chunk style. I think I’m fat enough now… Sheist, I’m making myself laugh at the thought of it… and a little grossed out…

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